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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging (CAMI)


Northwestern University’s Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging (CAMI) was created to drive interdisciplinary research, bridging the gap between basic science and science-based medicine, with an emphasis on in vivo imaging. CAMI provides a wide range of imaging instrumentation and support facilities for molecular imaging of biological events, in intact organisms.  We can also assist with medical image analysis and visualization.

Services Offered

  • High field magnetic resonance imaging (Bruker 9.4T and 7T magnets)
  • Preclinical nuclear imaging (MILabs U-SPECT+/CT and Mediso nanoScan PET/CT)
  • Whole body bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging (IVIS Spectrum)
  • Two photon and confocal microscopy (operated by Biological Imaging Facility)
  • Scanning probe microscopy of live cells (operated by Scanning Probe Imaging and Development Facility)
  • Surgery suite
  • Free vivarium to imaging center transportation
  • Licensed veterinary technician, specializing in preclinical imaging
  • Image analysis and visualization, including the use of our 20 foot 3D wall


All manuscripts and grants presenting work supported by this core should include the following acknowledgement:

"This work was supported by the Northwestern University Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging"

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Chad R. Haney, PhD  
Managing Director
(847) 467-4845


Northwestern University
2170 Campus Dr, Rm 1529
Evanston, IL 60208-3113