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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
MD Admissions


Feinberg’s MD curriculum is designed to prepare students as medical professionals in a time of significant change in health care delivery and exciting opportunities for further advancement in the science of medicine. Updated in 2012, this curriculum is organized into three phases, emphasizing integration of four main curricular elements: Science in Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Health & Society, and Professional Development.

Comprehensive curriculum information is available via the MD Education site.

Supplemental Experiences

Students are given time in the afternoon to work on their AOSC and activities of their choice. All activities are optional.

  • Health Clinics
    Volunteer in clinics throughout the neighborhoods of Chicago
  • Center for Global Health (center website)
    Touch the lives of people in need across the globe.
  • Student Wellness
    Learn how the medical school prioritizes wellness in MD students via the Education site.
  • Student Organizations
    See a complete list of our student organizations that represent our students’ diverse interests.


Feinberg has a robust, competency-based assessment system, which empowers students to become self-reflective professionals. Students are assessed across multiple domains of their performance. The feedback provided is clear, in order to provide a full understanding of the current level of skill and knowledge.

During each Phase, assessments are compiled into an electronic portfolio. Students then review this feedback and write portfolio reflections on their progress in the Feinberg Competencies, which includes individualized Learning Plans. Once the Reflections and Learning Plans are reviewed by their college mentors, they are submitted to the portfolio committee for final review and determination of readiness to move on to the next Phase of the curriculum.

During Phase 1, block grades are awarded as pass/pass after remediation. Failed exams and competency performance which does not meet benchmarks must be remediated.

In Phase 2, clerkship grades are awarded as honors, high pass, pass, and fail. Student academic outcomes, research, and extracurricular activities are used to identify students eligible for Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) designation and graduation honors. Outcomes for Feinberg students in the National Residency Match Program are exceptionally good with over 62% matching at top-tier programs.

Graduation Requirements

Connect with graduation requirements via the MD Education site.