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Diversity & Inclusion

Our institution is deeply committed to creating a learning environment that reflects the diversity of our city. Additionally, we strive to create an inclusive setting that allows the students to truly influence the learning environment and challenge faculty and administrators as much as we promise to academically challenge them.

Feinberg's Office of Diversity & Inclusion's mission is to foster a culture of belongingness and inclusion at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Our strategic efforts target recruitment, education, and partnerships with the goal of building diverse and exceptional talent in scholarship, clinical care, leadership and community engagement.

The Daniel Hale Williams Society was created in 2018 to focus on the recruitment of Black males into the medical profession through proactive identification of students, mentoring and encouragement, scholarships and more. It is named in honor of Feinberg's first Black graduate and faculty member and one of the most noteworthy physicians of the 20th century.

We prioritize the importance of cultural competency in our training. Supported by our diverse clinical settings, we impart on our students that comprehensive care requires serving the individual patient’s unique needs, wants, abilities and challenges.

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion supports a number of affinity groups and programs for students that build community and enrich their personal and professional lives. We also have a number of initiatives for helping students from populations historically underrepresented in medicine find community and mentoring so they can thrive at Feinberg.

To find a breakdown of our student makeup, please see the Student Body Profile page.

A few classmates and I wanted to have an official voice for Muslim students on campus and decided to restart the Muslim Student Association. Last year, we hosted a talk on caring for patients with diabetes who fast during Ramadan.”

– Noor Hamideh, Class of 2022

Coming to Feinberg, I felt that I would have a family away from home within the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and my experience has been nothing short of that. It was a bit of a gut decision, but it just felt right. ”

- Kassandra Samuel, Class of 2021
White Coats for Black Lives Protest at Northwestern Medicine

Anti-Racism Toolkit

Feinberg asserts that racism is a public health crisis. We declare that racism will not be tolerated at Feinberg. Find the anti-racism toolkit, including resources, statements and other tools for our medical school community members compiled by Feinberg's Office of Diversity & Inclusion.