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Admissions Process & Requirements

The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) and 90 semester hours (135-quarter hours) of undergraduate and/or graduate-level course work from an accredited U.S. or Canadian college or university located in the United States or Canada are required. Feinberg does not place emphasis on any major field of study. Required are at least yearlong courses in biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry (or one semester of organic plus a semester of biochemistry) and physics. We also recommend courses in statistics, writing and social science. In addition, students are expected to have clinical exposure and research experience. Find detailed information about our admissions process including:

What is the timeline for the Office of Admissions to send out acceptances to prospective candidates who have interviewed?

The Feinberg School of Medicine has a modified rolling admissions process that utilizes a batched approach to sending acceptances. We interview candidates August through mid-February. Our pool of interviewees is very large, so many decisions are pending until after the interview season is completed. Some prospective students receive acceptances during the active interview season, the first acceptances being sent in December, but most of our slots are not committed until March. 

How does the admissions process work at the Feinberg School of Medicine?

All completed applications are holistically reviewed and evaluated. The Committee on Admissions seeks candidates who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership skills, intellectual curiosity and personal maturity. A premium is placed on breadth and rigor of the academic program and the life experiences of the individual. Applicants should be liberally educated people who have studied, in some depth, subjects beyond the conventional premedical sciences. The Committee on Admissions admits candidates who major in many subjects besides science, including history, English and communications. Research and activities that demonstrate the applicant’s view of medicine as a service profession are positive factors in the review process. Interviews are required of all candidates considered seriously for acceptance. Interview invitations are issued solely at the request of the Committee on Admissions. 

How do I apply to Feinberg?

A completed application consists of the AMCAS web-based application, MCAT scores, the Feinberg supplemental application and letters of recommendation. Applicants start the process by completing an AMCAS application and designating Feinberg as one of the schools to which they wish to apply. All applicants who apply are given the opportunity to complete a supplemental application.

Can I apply to both the traditional MD program and the MD/PhD Medical Scientist Training Program?

Because the programs are substantially different, applicants are allowed to apply to only one program; however, candidates may transfer their application from one program to the other until Dec. 1.

Is there an age limit for applicants through AMCAS and/or Feinberg?


Do you offer deferred matriculation into an entering class?

Yes, accepted applicants can apply for deferral. The admissions committee evaluates requests based on whether the proposed time away will enhance the student’s medical development. Deferrals are usually one year in length. The student should contact the Office of Admissions to obtain details on deferral requirements and the approval process.

Once my application is complete, how long will it take for me to hear back from Feinberg about an interview decision?

Application review time varies from applicant to applicant.  Interview invitations are released on a rolling basis from August through early February of the application cycle.

How will I receive notification of my application status for Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine?

Your application status will be available through our applicant portal.  Invitations to complete the Northwestern Supplemental Application and to interview will be sent by email.

How do I schedule an interview at Feinberg?

If you are invited to interview, you will receive an email from our Office of Admissions letting you know how to schedule your interview day.

Can I find out in advance who my Feinberg faculty and student interviewers will be?

We do not announce interviewers prior to the interview date. All candidates will learn who their interviewers are at the same time, prior to check-in on their interview day.

What if I have a last-minute problem on the day of my Feinberg interview?

We kindly request you contact us as soon as you may anticipate a conflict in regards to your interview day (scheduling conflict, illness, etc) at the e-mail address provided in your interview confirmation. You may also reach our office at 312-503-8206.

Are applicant updates accepted? Are transcripts accepted?

If applicants would like to notify us of an update to their application or wish to have other communications added to their application file for consideration, we ask that they upload these to the FSM Applicant Portal (the site where the secondary application is accessed) through the “Document Upload” tab. Please note that additional recommendations (accepted after a student is invited for interview) need to be sent directly from the recommender either via AMCAS or e-mail (to

Only those transcripts initially submitted through AMCAS are required for review of your application. If applicants would like to notify us of updates to their coursework, we ask that they upload these to the FSM Applicant Portal.  One may submit there, a written communication re: the coursework update or an updated unofficial transcript.  We do require a final official transcript for every entering student prior to their matriculation date. 

Do Illinois residents get preference?

As Northwestern is a private university, we do not give preference to Illinois residents.

What are the average GPAs and MCAT scores of candidates accepted to Feinberg? Are there any GPA or MCAT cut-offs?

The undergraduate median GPA for the 2023 entering class was 3.92. The median MCAT score was 520. There are no minimum MCAT or GPA scores required for entrance to the Feinberg School of Medicine. Although high academic performance is an important aspect of a successful application, we complete a holistic review, including the academic course load and rigor, academic honors, extracurricular activities, clinical and research experience and letters of recommendation.

How do MD and MSTP applicants request a Feinberg secondary application fee waiver?

Feinberg School of Medicine will automatically waive the Secondary Application fee for applicants who have been granted an AMCAS Fee Waiver (obtained though the AAMC Fee Assistance Program).  MD and MSTP applicants who were not granted a fee waiver by AMCAS and for whom the application fee would constitute a significant financial burden may contact the Office of Admissions directly: at  to request a secondary application fee waiver.  Please submit your fee waiver request after you have been invited by our office to submit the FSM secondary application.