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About Students

What is the profile of currently enrolled students? Are there students like me at Feinberg?

Find data about our current M1 class, including test scores, undergraduate performance and gender and ethnicity statistics via our Entering Class Profile page

At Feinberg, we value having a student body that mirrors our local diverse community. Furthermore, we find it equally important to students to grow personally and professionally during their medical training by branching out to learn about new cultures and backgrounds. At Feinberg, our students do hold common values and beliefs: to pursue their medical training and to be their personal best.  

Hear firsthand from students what makes Feinberg School of Medicine a unique environment.

In what activities do Feinberg students participate?

Feinberg has about 90 student groups that focus on such themes as identity, career goals, community involvement, performing arts and diversity. From the Student National Medical Association to In Vivo and the many medical specialty and service groups, these organizations represent our students’ diverse interests. Participation in these groups provides opportunities for personal growth, expression of creativity and development of leadership skills. Among other initiatives, students have launched and maintained free community clinics, trained together for the Chicago Marathon, learned how to salsa dance, visited the Illinois State Capitol to help influence policy-makers and tutored at-risk children.

How do Feinberg medical students fare in the annual Residency Match? What are the top specialties chosen by these students?

Every year on one exciting day in March (usually around St. Patrick's Day), Match Day events are held at medical schools across the country. At approximately noon on this day, fourth-year medical students in the U.S. gather together to open their letters, finding out which residency program they were matched to through the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) and where they will be doing the next phase of their medical training. 

Sixty-eight percent of Feinberg students matched at the Top 25 U.S. News–ranked residency programs in 2024. The most popular specialties included Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Anesthesiology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Ophthalmology and Psychiatry. While some students were set to move across the country for training, others would be staying within the state. The top destinations of the class were Illinois, California, New York and Texas. See more stats in Career Outcomes.

Watch the Feinberg Match Day video to get a brief glimpse of the fun and excitement of the event.

Are accommodations available for students with documented disabilities?

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the AccessibleNU office or Agnes McGrane for information about disability accommodations.

Does Feinberg accept nontraditional students?

Yes! We welcome all applicants, including nontraditional students (generally defined as those who have taken two or more years off between undergraduate studies and matriculation to medical school). View our Entering Class Profile to see the percentage of non-traditional students.