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Clinical Training

Immediate immersion into clinical training encourages professional development, skill acquisition and informs a student’s learning of basic science, medical ethics, social determinations of health and the principles of quality and safety.

Early Clinical Training

In the very first weeks of the MD program, our students begin clinical training in the Education-Centered Medical Home (ECMH). The ECMH provides students with early and comprehensive educational exposure to team-based medicine in an authentic outpatient environment. Students work with the same preceptor and peers over four years to help care for patients and measure their progress.

Working with the same cohort of patients over the long term provides Feinberg students with unique learning opportunities not available at other medical schools. With guidance from a faculty mentor, students immediately practice clinical skills such as history-taking, physical examinations, and motivational interviewing.

Visit the MD Education site to learn more.

Clinical Locations

These clinical experiences take place in authentic outpatient environments where students participate in continuity of care. Learn about the places where our medical students train.

Volunteer Health Clinics

Our students are exposed to a wealth of opportunities for community outreach, including chances to volunteer at a multitude of community clinics. Working at these clinics offers students experience in providing care for the underserved and working with people who have diverse needs. See our Community Engagement page for more information.


It's unique to apply our clinical skills on a regular basis as a part of our curriculum. I have already learned how to perform a newborn physical exam and how to counsel a child and their family during a well child visit.”

– Rachel Hoying, Class of 2023