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Admitted Students

How do I accept an offer of admission?

Upon receiving an offer of acceptance from the Feinberg School of Medicine, please login to our Secure Applicant website and enter your decision. Once you have entered your "accept" decision, we will reserve your seat in the incoming class.

Secure Applicant Website

Where do matriculating students send their final transcript(s)?

All matriculants must submit a final official undergraduate transcript no later than by July 1.  

If you are unable to meet our deadline, please contact Jessica Voth at or 312-503-8206.

Please request that your final official undergraduate transcript showing that you received your bachelor’s degree, and any other final college transcripts showing additional coursework/programs completed, be sent to our office as soon as they are finalized & available. Please note that the transcripts that AMCAS requested from you at the beginning of the application process were used for their application verification only and were not forwarded to our office.

Transcripts may be sent electronically from your school to our main MD Admissions e-mail address at: (preferred). If necessary, students may submit transcripts by mail, though email is preferred:

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Office of MD Admissions
310 E. Superior St. 
Morton Building 1-606
Chicago, IL  60611-3008 

How do I get a NetID? What can I do with a NetID?

Your NetID is your electronic identity at Northwestern. The most common format of a NetID is a combination of three letters (often related to your name) and three or four numbers. Once activated, use your NetID to login to Northwestern email, the student portal (CAESAR) and to access your financial aid packet and/or award.

Accepted students receive NetID activation instructions via email during the month of March (please check your spam and junk mail boxes). If you haven't received your NetID activation email by April 15, please contact Jessica Voth at or 312-503-8206.

How do I get a Northwestern email account?

You will receive a Northwestern email account when activating your NetID.

Does Feinberg have health entrance requirements? When do I complete these?

Yes, mandatory health entrance requirements must be completed by ALL medical students prior to matriculating at Feinberg in August.

It is strongly advised that newly admitted students begin completing health entrance requirements as soon as possible so that there is ample time to complete antibody titer testing and tuberculosis screening that is required in addition to vaccination history.  

How do I complete the health entrance requirements?

The Admission Health Record Form can be downloaded from the Northwestern University Health Service Chicago Campus page. Submit the Admission Health Record and proof of immunizations by June 15 to:

Northwestern University Health Service
Health Information Management Services
633 Emerson St.
Evanston, IL 60208-4000

Students that have questions regarding health entrance requirements should contact Linda Daniels, coordinator for Student Support Services, at or 312-503-0434.

What if I do not submit the Admission Health Record Form on time?

Any student who does not satisfy health entrance requirements before classes begin will not be permitted to participate in required clinical education activities that take place during the first week of classes. The university will also apply a late fee and place a subsequent registration hold on the student’s account if health requirements have not been completed by the Admission Health Record deadline of June 15.

What vaccinations and tests are required to fulfill the health entrance requirements?

Students must agree to comply with the requirements for student health, including immunizations and drug testing. Below are additional details about required vaccinations, as well as antibody and tuberculosis testing: 

  1. Students must provide proof of positive immunity through a blood antibody titer test result for measles (rubeola), mumps, varicella, rubella (German measles) and hepatitis B. Proof of positive immunity is required in ADDITION to vaccination dates for these diseases.
  2. Antibody blood titer testing for measles (rubeola), mumps, varicella, rubella (German measles) and hepatitis B should be completed well before the Admission Health Record deadline, just in case re-vaccination is needed prior to completing or a repeating an antibody test.
  3. Most students were already vaccinated for hepatitis B during their childhood immunization years, but for those who were not; please allot extra time to complete the vaccinations. The hepatitis B vaccination requires three doses that are administered over a six-month period. Once the hepatitis B vaccination series is complete, a month wait period is required before the Hepatitis B surface antibody titer test can be completed.
  4. Required Tuberculosis Testing – TB Quantiferon Gold Blood Test  - DATE SENSITIVE
    • Only TB Quantiferon Gold Blood Test results completed after June 1 of the year you enter Feinberg will be accepted.
    • A copy of the lab result must be submitted to the Northwestern University Health Information Management Services Office.
  5. If your TB Quantiferon Gold Blood test is positive, a TB chest X-ray must be completed and attached to your result.
    • The TB chest X-Ray result must be completed on or after March 1 of the year you enter the program.
    • The TB chest X-Ray must be completed in the U.S.
    • If applicable, the TB chest X-Ray result must also include historical positive tuberculosis test result and, if applicable, treatment records.
    • Students with positive TB lab and/or TB chest X-Ray results are also required to meet with a student health services physician upon arriving to campus. Only TB Quantiferon Gold Blood Test results completed after June 1 of the year you enter Feinberg will be accepted.
  6. Please pay close attention to the tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis section listed on the Admission Health Record Form, as the requirements for Tdap vary for domestic and international students.
  7. All students are required to receive the influenza vaccine annually prior to participating in any clinical activities. Information about when and where to receive the influenza vaccine will be provided to students post-matriculation to Feinberg.

How do I obtain a Northwestern University ID card?

The Wildcard is the official Northwestern photo identification card. Once you have activated your Northwestern NetID, you are able to submit your Wildcard photo. Please review the criteria outlined on the link below to submit your photo. If you encounter issues while submitting your photo online, please contact the Evanston Wildcard Office at or call 847-467-6843.

Please note: Incoming medical students will receive their Wildcard on the day of matriculation. You do not need to visit the Wildcard Office to pick up your card if your photo is submitted before the deadline.

Submit your Wildcard photo here.

What is a CTA Ventra U-Pass, and how do I obtain one?

The Feinberg School of Medicine participates in the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Ventra U-Pass Program for student use of public transportation. The U-Pass fare card may be used on CTA buses and trains. All enrolled students are required to participate in the U-Pass program whether they choose to use the fare card or not. 

In order to prepare a Ventra U-Pass fare card for you, CTA/Ventra must receive a headshot photo of you in .jpg format. The photo must clearly show your face (no sunglasses/no hats), the background cannot be too dark and the photo cannot include other people. The ideal photo to submit would be a passport photo. You can use the same photo you submit for your Northwestern Wildcard.

Send your .jpg format photo via email to using the subject line "U-PASS Photo." The submission deadline is June 15.

Get more information about the Ventra U-Pass program.

As an admitted student, who can I contact if I have questions?

Topic Who to Contact

Admitted Student Questions
NU NetID and E-mail
Admissions Class Survey

Jessica Voth 

Feinberg Ambassadors
Student Connections
Outreach & Recruitment

Sara Daudlin 

Second Look 

Lola Garcia 

General Admissions Questions
Criminal Background Check
Final Transcripts

Laura Kubelka

Financial Aid

Cynthia Gonzalez

Student Health Forms
Student Health Insurance
Student Disability Insurance
Student Housing
CTA/Ventra U-Pass
NU Wildcard
Drug Screening

Linda Daniels

White Coats
Required Medical Equipment

Angela Artner

AWOME Class Survey
Pre-Matriculation Curricular Modules
Curriculum Information
Introduction to the Profession

Gia Whitlow


Required Resources
Required Readings
Wellness Resources

Allison Matricaria

    Welcome BBQ
Faculty/Student Dinner
Founders' Day Ceremony

Jennifer Langland