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Meet Our Students

Get a glimpse into our students’ lives.

Each of our students chooses their unique path. Learn about the work they are doing.

Mike Boctor

Mike combined his passions for film and medicine by directing an award-winning short film about the healing process for survivors of sexual assault.
Meet Mike

Noor Hamideh

Noor is president of the Muslim Student Association and is interested in pediatrics and health equity.
Meet Noor
Marlise Pierre-Wright, Class of 2022

Marlise Pierre-Wright

Marlise hopes to use her experience working in health policy and her medical school education to be an advocate for patients both in the clinic and in the federal government.
Meet Marlise
Salem Argaw, Class of 2022

Salem Argaw

Salem's research found that the Trump Administration’s Public Charge Rule would pose harm on immigrants in Cook County. Her findings helped persuade a federal judge in Chicago to issue a temporary injunction to stop the rule.
Meet Salem
Archit Baskaran, Class of 2022

Archit Baskaran

Archit envisions using healthcare to change society for the better, through leadership and service with student and non-profit groups during his time at Feinberg.
Meet Archit
Kamya Bijawat, Class of 2022

Kamya Bijawat

Kamya spent a month this summer in South Africa studying how wireless infant monitoring sensors developed at Northwestern could improve parent-infant bonding in low-resource settings.

Meet Kamya
Ramael Ohiomoba, Class of 2022

Ramael Ohiomoba

Ramael was one of two medical students in the country to be awarded the Dr. Richard Allen Williams Scholarship through the Association of Black Cardiologists.

Meet Ramael
Becca Sinard, Class of 2022

Becca Sinard

Becca, a student in Feinberg’s MD/MPH Combined Degree Program, is dedicated to improving human health across the spectrum.

Meet Becca
Jordan Coleman, Class of 2021

Jordan Coleman

Jordan previously worked as a chaplain in prisons, homeless shelters and hospitals — an experience that enhances his clinical experiences today.

Meet Jordan
Jordan Sell, Class of 2021

Jordan Sell

Jordan has taken advantage of the wide range of opportunities at Feinberg.

Meet Jordan
Costner McKenzie, Class of 2020

Costner McKenzie

Costner is interested in dermatology beyond just the skin.

Meet Costner
Jessica Wang, Class of 2020

Jessica Wang

Jessica, a student in the MD/MPH dual degree program, became interested in the opioid crisis during a public health class, and has continued to investigate the topic in addition to a wealth of other extracurriculars.

Meet Jessica
Shivani Baisiwala, Class of 2020

Shivani Baisiwala

Shivani investigates glioblastoma in the laboratory of Atique Ahmed, PhD, while also pursuing pro-bono healthcare consulting and finding time to explore Chicago’s neighborhoods.

Meet Shivani