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Andrea Calvert, PhD


Dr. Calvert received her PhD in biological sciences from Northwestern University under Alexander Stegh PhD focusing on defining and exploiting metabolic vulnerabilities in glioblastoma. During her PhD, Dr. Calvert was on the NIH T32 Training Grant in Carcinogenesis and completed a Certificate in Management for Scientists and Engineers from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management. Dr. Calvert joined the laboratory of C. Shad Thaxton MD PhD for her postdoctoral work. Andrea is focused on using bio-inspired nanomaterials to treat various diseases, including cancer and inflammation. The Thaxton laboratory synthesizes nanoparticle mimics of high-density lipoproteins (HDL), called HDL nanoparticles (HDL NP), which are similar to native HDLs with regard to their size, shape, surface charge, and surface chemistry. As such, HDL NPs specifically target HDL receptors, including scavenger receptor type B1 (SR-B1). The HDL NPs have varying effects on the cells based upon their surface chemical and core compositions. Dr. Calvert is studying how chemically modifying the HDL NPs alters their functional properties.  


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