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Medical Students

Julia Riley, MD

We are committed to teaching Feinberg students the fundamentals of Dermatology and providing guidance and mentorship to all medical students interested in pursuing Dermatology.”

Julia Riley, MD
Medical Student Clerkship Director
Dermatology Clerkship

The Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine's Department of Dermatology offers several dermatology rotations to interested medical students.

Dermatology Selective & Clinical Dermatology Rotations

Residents teaching medical students at the Dermatology Interest Group "Topicals Made Easy" sessionInterested third- and fourth-year Feinberg medical students can rotate through our department through either the two-week Dermatology Selective rotation or through the four-week Clinical Dermatology rotation. Both of these rotations offer exposure to a wide breadth of general dermatology, including time spent in specialty clinics, dermatologic surgery, dermatopathology and on inpatient consultative dermatology.

Advanced Dermatology Rotation

Students who have completed the Clinical Dermatology rotation are also eligible to spend four weeks rotating on the inpatient dermatology consult service via the Advanced Dermatology rotation. Students on this rotation will see a wide variety of complex medical dermatologic conditions and will participate in the daily care of patients hospitalized with dermatologic needs.

Visiting Student Electives

Faculty, Residents and Medical students volunteering at the Skin Cancer Screening Clinic at the 2023 Cancer Survivors' Celebration WalkWe offer visiting M4 students the opportunity to complete a four-week clinical rotation in either outpatient (Clinical Dermatology rotation) or inpatient dermatology (Advanced Dermatology rotation).

 Applications for our fourth-year electives are submitted and processed through Visiting Student Application Service. For more information about the application process, go to the Visiting MD Students section on the main Feinberg Education site.

If you have further questions about our program, please contact

Dermatology Interest Group

The Dermatology Interest Group (DIG)'s mission is to facilitate opportunities for students to meet faculty members, shadow current faculty members, participate in meaningful research and clinical experiences, and gain greater exposure to the field of dermatology.

The DIG leaders coordinate clinical shadowing and help facilitate events with the Department of Dermatology, including the annual M4 panel, Derm-Path review session, and more.

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