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Virtual Heart-to-Hearts

Virtual Heart-to-Hearts Program with Dr. Emily Jones

Participate in our Virtual Heart-to-Hearts Program

Our Virtual Heart-to-Hearts program connects Feinberg MD students with alumni mentors for informal and invaluable conversations about the field of medicine.

Open year-long to Feinberg medical students and alumni mentors, Virtual Heart-to-Hearts helps our future physicians learn about medical specialties and subspecialties, residency programs and applications, medical communities, work/life balance, and much more.

For Alumni:
Alumni mentors share their medical expertise, advice, and experiences with our Feinberg MD students. Typically 15-30 minutes in length, these conversations can address any number of subjects you may wish to discuss: your medical specialty; tips for success and happiness in medical school; mentorship strategies; residency and/or fellowship training; research interests; your current medical practice and employer; work/life balance; residency applications and interviews; the community in which you live; diversity and inclusion in medicine; and any other issues that are meaningful to you. Informal Heart-to-Heart video chats with students are conveniently conducted on our website, avoiding the need for scheduling separate Zoom meetings or phone calls.

For Students:
Feinberg MD students read about our alumni volunteers to find matches for their medical interests and questions. Students request informal conversations from our alumni physicians, which can be a single conversation, or develop into an ongoing mentoring relationship. Our Virtual Heart-to-Heart website allows students and alumni to have video chats directly on the platform for maximum convenience and efficiency. MD students are encouraged to utilize this wonderful resource throughout their time at Feinberg. Upon graduation, we hope that you will participate as an alumni mentor to support future classes of Feinberg students.


Note: Virtual Heart-to-Hearts shares the same platform as the HOST Program, the Northwestern Network Mentoring Program (NNMP), and the NEXT Program, so if you already have a HOST, NNMP or NEXT account, you can sign in to Virtual Heart-to-Hearts using your existing account information via this URL:

Contact Allison Glibowski for more information.