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Alumni Physicians of Feinberg


Serve as a speaker in the Alumni Physicians of Feinberg series

The Alumni Physicians of Feinberg (APF) is an innovative program that unites alumni and faculty with students who want to learn about the lives of physicians—how they made their specialty choice, what they actually do all day, how they balance work, family, and life, lessons they have learned, and what they would do differently. This is especially valuable to students who are making their specialty choice.

Each session is held in the Rubloff Building on the Chicago Campus.

  • Stay tuned for more dates to be posted soon!

Contact Dan Schwarzlose if you're interested in becoming a part of this series. 

Past Alumni Physicians of Feinberg Speakers

Kathryn Andolsek, '75 MD, '82 MPH (family medicine)
Eugene Bauer, '67 MD (dermatology, physicians in business)
Jennifer Best, '00 MD (hospital medicine, general internal medicine)
Paul Bonucci, '96 MD (emergency medicine, rural patients, global health, military medicine)
Sudip Bose '95, '99 MD (emergency medicine, veterans, medical education, entrepreneurship)
Thomas Bournias, '92 MD (ophthalmology)
Arkadiush Byskosh '90, '92 MD, '97 GMER (otolaryngology)
Vinky Chadha '89, '91 MD, '94 GMER (general internal medicine, geriatrics)
Charles Davidson, MD, '85 GMER (interventional cardiology, father/daughter in same specialty)
Laura Davidson, '11 MD (interventional cardiology, father/daughter in same specialty)
Jordan Dubow, '03 MD, '07 GMER (neurology, clinical development, pharmaceutical development)
Timothy Fong '94, '98 MD (psychiatry)
Helena Gabriel '87, '89 MD, '94 GMER (radiology)
Javier Guevara Jr., '12 MD (family medicine, urban patients, women’s health, LGBTQ health)
Elizabeth Harris, '86 MD (plastic surgery)
Lynn Hauser, '76 MD, '80 GMER (ophthalmology)
Robert Havey, '80 MD, '83 GMER, '84 GMER (primary care)
Emily Jones, '08 MD, '11 GMER (orthopedics, sports medicine)
Khadidjatou Kane, '05 MD, '08 GMER (hospital medicine, palliative care, global health)
James Kelly, '73 MD, '07 MBA (cardiothoracic surgery, physicians in business)
Edward Kim '92, '96 MD (oncology)
Alan Kumar '95, '98 MD (emergency medicine)
Ada Kumar '93, '97 MD (radiology)
Roopal Kundu, '01 MD, '02 GMER (dermatology)
Edwin McDonald IV, '08 MD, '11 GMER  (GI, nutrition education, obesity, small bowel disease, doctors married to doctors)
Wendy McDonald, '07 MD, '11 GMER (gastroenterology, nutrition, obesity, doctors married to doctors)
Erik Orelind, '94 MD, '11 MPH (internal medicine, geriatrics, concierge medicine)
Thomas Pitts, '76 MD, '79 GMER, '81 GMEF (endocrinology, diabetes)
Barry Rosen, '87 MD (general surgery, breast cancer surgery, hospital medicine, patient safety and quality)
Neil Ross, '75 MD, '79 GMER, '80 GMEF (ophthalmology)
Gary Rusk, '69 MD (psychiatry)
Anthony Schaeffer, '68 MD (urology, family of physicians, father/son in same specialty)
Christine Schaeffer-Pettigrew, MD (internal medicine and geriatrics, family of physicians)
Edward Schaeffer, MD (urology, family of physicians, father/son in same specialty)
Jeffrey Schaider, '85 MD (emergency medicine, hospital medicine, academic medicine)
Bruce Scharschmidt '68, '70 MD (gastroenterology, physicians in business)
Ben Singer, '07 MD, '10 GMER (pulmonary and critical care)
Babafemi Taiwo, MD, '06 GMEF (infectious diseases)
Amy Taub, '85 MD, '89 GMER (dermatology)
Alisha Thomas '01, '05 MD (family medicine, community medicine)
Ryan Vealey, MD, '15 GMER, '16 GMEF (anesthesiology)
Bohdan Wasiljew, '76 MD, '81 GMER (surgery)
John Wilkins, MD, '08 GMER, '11 MS, '11 GMEF, '12 GMEF (cardiology)
George Yang, '94 MD (surgery)
Mobola Campbell-Yesufu, MD, '07 GMER (infectious disease, internal medicine, hospital medicine)
William Ziering, '56 MD (allergy-immunology)