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Reunion Honor Roll

Stay tuned for the 2023 Reunion Honor Roll coming in January 2024.


Thank you to the following individuals for their support of the medical school during their reunion year in 2022.

The honor roll below is reflective of gifts and pledges made between September 1, 2021 and August 31, 2022. Please select your graduation year below to see classmates and friends who joined you in giving back to the medical school in honor of your reunion. 

Your participation makes the biggest difference. Reunion gifts went to support many areas of the medical school, from student scholarships to academic innovations to unparalleled learning experiences. We are proud to celebrate our alumni's generosity and participation.

Please note, since reunion has been moved to the fall of 2023, this year’s honor roll will be reflective of gifts and pledges made between September 1, 2022, and December 31, 2023. The 2023 Reunion Honor Roll will be posted here in January 2024.

Honor Roll Key

Bold - Member of The Founders Society

* - Member of The Founders Lifetime Giving Society

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Class of 1955

Thank you to the 37% of the class who made a gift.

William L. Bunting, MD
Edward L. Chesne, MD
Nicholas J. Demos, MD
Willard A. Fry, MD
Gerson H. Kaplan, MD
Benjamin E. Kenagy, MD
Marvin M. Kirchner, MD
Janet C. Martin, MD
James J. Monge, MD
Karl W. Robinson, MD
Richard D. Sheehan, MD
Robert W. Smith, MD
Raymond L. Weisberg, MD

Class of 1956

Thank you to the 46% of the class who made a gift.

Joel J. Baron, MD
Barrett H. Bolton, MD
Harvey D. Cain, MD, JD
S. Marshall Cushman, Jr., MD
Wendell L. Edwards, MD
Edward J. Fesco, MD
Ronald D. Graber, MD
Frank M. Highly, Jr., MD
John A. Hull, MD
Ronald P. Karzel, MD
Bernard Resnick, MD
G. Stephen Scholly, MD
John L. Sever, MD
Joan K. Short, MD
Robert Allen Skankey, MD
Edward R. Uehling, MD
James R. Webster, Jr., MD

Class of 1957

Thank you to the 18% of the class who made a gift.

Rodney H. Herr, MD
James W. Hopkins, MD
Bradford S. Prokop, MD
William C. Sheldon, MD
Morris Spector, MD
Georgine M. Steude, MD
Lenore Sheridan Tsang, MD

Class of 1960

Thank you to the 50% of the class who made a gift.

Maurice Barancik, MD
James F. Bellenger, MD
Earl F. Bracker, MD
Richard W. D. Bryan, MD
Richard W. Campbell, MD
P. Kay Champion, Jr., MD
John C. Erickson, MD
Thomas J. Fiene, MD
Nancy L. Furey, MD
Warren W. Furey, III, MD
Melvin V. Gerbie, MD
Ira S. Halper, MD
Alfred R. Hofmann, MD
Roger A. Hurwitz, MD
Joseph V. Libretti, MD
Robert E. Linden, MD
John E. Lusche, MD
Robert S. Martino, MD
James Lloyd Meltzer, MD
Albert D. Newcomer, MD
Herbert B. Niestat, MD
Bruce W. Parker, MD
William K. Platt, MD
Barry S. M. Ramer, MD
Jacob B. Redekop, MD
Henry H. Roenigk, Jr., MD
William B. Scholten, MD
Ronald A. Semerdjian, MD
Marshall S. Sparberg, MD
Lawrence S. Sturman, MD
Stephen B. Webster, MD

Class of 1961

Thank you to the 41% of the Class who made a gift.

George M. Burns, MD
Donald R. Cole, MD
David W. Cromer, MD
Walter W. Doren, MD
James Kenneth Fisk, MD
Jerome E. Goss, MD
Arthur C. Johnson, MD
David C. Johnson, MD
Tom M. Johnson, MD
Kenneth A. Kropp, MD
Eric R. Leibovitch, MD
K. Michael Lipkin, MD
Norman S. Litowitz, MD
James P. Luby, MD
David M. Margulies, MD
Michael R. McCormick, MD
Henry L. Nadler, MD
Paul K. Opsvig, MD
Ronald J. Pancner, MD
Phillip J. Ruffalo, MD
Myron Schonbrun, MD
Richard D. Shafron, MD
Fred A. Shiraki, MD
Leonard E. Snyder, MD
James E. Stevenson, MD
Robert M. Vanecko, MD
Philip W. Wright, MD

Class of 1962

Thank you to the 34% of the class who made a gift.

David C. Bachman, MD
Lynn W. Boynton, MD
Frederick C. Ewald, Sr., MD
Thomas D. France, MD
William J. Gilligan, MD
Harvey E. Golden, MD
John P. Hogan, MD
David R. Holzwarth, MD
Toh-Bin Lim, MD
Kenneth E. Lobbes, MD
James D. Masterson, MD
Joan C. Mattson, MD
Donald McNellis, MD
Dean K. Midboe, MD
Michael J. Moore, MD
G. Byington Pratt, MD
William A. Scanlon, MD
Jack Shartsis, MD
Gerald Kent Shortz, MD
Paul J. Stucker, MD
Gerald T. Ujiki, MD
Gary F. Voyce, MD

Class of 1965

Thank you to the 33% of the class who made a gift.

John J. Beck, MD
John D. Cantwell, MD
Philip E. Cryer, MD
Kenneth E. DeHaven, MD
Thomas J. Ekkers, MD
Jon S. Fantz, MD
Richard Alan Fefferman, MD
Brenton H. Field, Jr., MD
Jack A. Friedland, MD
M. Diane Hilgeson Flom, MD
Robert A. Goldberg, MD
Leonard J. Gosink, MD
James M. Hayes, MD
Bruce R. Holzman, MD
Lawrence K. Hussey, MD
Marshall E. Kadin, MD
Dennis J. Kontra, MD
Dean K. Midboe, MD
David R. McConahay, MD
Joseph D. Motto, MD
Courtland L. Munroe, MD
Marvin A. Perer, MD
Robert A. Ratcheson, MD
John A. Stoner, MD
D. Eugene Thompson, MD
Mervyn J. Weis, MD
Robert D. Wertz, MD

Class of 1966

Thank you to the 36% of the class who made a gift.

Stanley Z. Berman, MD
Peter C. Burger, MD
William E. Clark, Jr., MD
R. Marshall Colburn, Jr., MD
Frederick Kenneth Dean, MD
Gerald M. Debonis, MD
G. Richard Geier, Jr., MD
Harvey M. Goldstein, MD
Barbara B. Gosink, MD
William B. Iams, MD
George W. Kaplan, MD
Andrew Peter Klaus, MD
John R. Lake, MD
Sherwin D. Lewis, MD
Richard R. Nelson, MD
Paul E. Nickerson, MD
Ronald C. Ochsner, MD
Alan L. Plummer, MD
Thomas Robert Powers, MD
Mary Ann Rosanova-Kaper, MD
Harvey L. Ruben, MD
Robert I. Schnipper, MD
Joseph Silva, Jr., MD
Thomas J. Sondag, MD
J. Robert Thompson, MD
Charles D. Turek, MD
Thomas R. Westerhoff, MD
Loren J. Wolsh, MD
Michael S. Zeide, MD
Joseph T. Zerella, MD

Class of 1967

Thank you to the 42% of the class who made a gift.

James U. Adelman, MD
Eugene A. Bauer, MD
Hobart D. Blair, II, MD
Edwin E. Boldrey, MD
Thomas A. Broadie, MD
R. Kent Bryan, MD
Ronald M. Bukowski, MD
Andrew D. Bunta, MD
Robert Montgomery Craig, MD
James C. Esch, MD
Michael L. Friedman, MD
George S. Glass, MD
Bruce L. Hilger, MD
Jeffrey M. Ignatoff, MD
R. Wynn Kearney, Jr., MD
Michael L. Klein, MD
MacDonald B. Logie, MD
Jay C. Mall, MD
Thomas C. Olson, MD
Thomas Anthony Pavlovic, MD
Mark J. Perlow, MD
Daner R. Reider, MD
Michael J. Reinstein, MD
Michael A. Rosenberg, MD
Eileen Alannah Ruder, MD
Henry J. Ruder, MD
Stephen L. Seagren, MD
Jay Stein, MD
Elizabeth J. Stone, MD
Barbara Holt Warren, MD
Betty T. Werksman, MD
Elaine P. Young, MD
Paul C. Young, MD
Chester Raymond Zeiss, MD

Class of 1970

Thank you to the 39% of the class who made a gift.

Mark A. Amdur, MD
Steven A. Azuma, MD
Diane S. Babcock, MD
John R. Babcock, Jr., MD
Donald C. Balfour, III, MD
Michael S. Bensman, MD
Ethan Braunstein, MD
Robert H. Choplin, MD
Peter E. Doris, MD
Edward H. Forkos, MD
Robert A. Frost, MD
Carl F. Giesler, MD
Thomas J. Goberville, MD
James E. Greenlee, MD
Kenneth C. Johnston, MD
Karsten F. Konerding, MD
William R. Leahy, Jr., MD
Thomas E. Leffler, MD
Anne Maledon Loebl, MD
Louis H. Martone, MD
F. McLaughlin, MD
Eli K. Michaels, MD
R. Scott Mitchell, MD
John R. Neale, MD
Harriet H. Pien, MD
George T. Rab, MD
David A. Rosenfield, MD
Joseph E. Russ, MD
Roger G. Santala, MD
Bruce F. Scharschmidt, MD
Michael W. Shannon, MD
William B. Smith, MD
David A. Vagneur, MD
Ronald Vanbuskirk, MD
Jeffrey H. Watters, MD
Guy T. Williams, MD
Peter B. Woollett, MD
Christian D. Wunsch, MD
Kamen N. Zakov, MD
Michael S. Zeide, MD

Class of 1971

Thank you to the 32% of the class who made a gift.

Scott S. Aksman, MD
Daniel J. Arnold, MD
William D. Barnhart, MD
David H. Barry, Jr., MD
J. D. Bartleson, MD
Randall T. Bellows, MD
Gail E. Belytschko, MD
Eric E. Brody, MD
Sybil J. Circle, MD
John R. Cooley, MD
Bruce L. Dresner, MD
Charles Drueck, III, MD
Nyambi Ebie, MD
W. Allan Edmiston, MD
James E. Fish, MD
Donald R. Fisk, MD
Robert M. Geer, MD
Mark Gendleman, MD
D. Grant Gilbert, MD
Michael Owen Henneberry, MD
Joanne C. Hermens, MD
Duane R. Iverson, MD
Elliot G. Levy, MD
Donald H. Loebl, MD
Marc I. Malberg, MD
Cheryl F. McCartney, MD
George W. Middlekauff, MD
Edward C. Murphy, MD
James E. Sander, MD
Michael B. Scott, MD
Charles H. Song, MD
Robert F. Spetzler, MD
Carol B. Stelling, MD
Michael W. Stelling, MD
Howard D. Weiss, MD
Felix Zwiebel, MD

Class of 1972

Thank you to the 34% of the class who made a gift. 

Constance G. Arnold, MD
Edward L. Bartlett, Jr., MD
Janice L. Cockrell, MD
Robert S. Elmore, MD
Geoffery Engel, MD
Donald R. Ford, MD
Charles Getz, MD
Joseph J. Gugenheim, Jr., MD
Joseph H. Haddock, MD
James A. Helgager, MD
John F. Hollenbach, MD
Mart Jalakas, MD
Gregory H. Johnson, MD
Patricia Ann Laffey, MD
Joseph G. Lalonde, MD
Thomas Andrew Marciniak, MD
Michael D. Needleman, MD
James A. Nickelsen, MD
Julie A. Nickelsen, MD
Jay A. Perman, MD
Robert Lester Peterson, MD
Dana P. Rabideau, MD
Anthony E. Ramsey, MD
Patrick T. Regan, MD
Guy A. Rowley, MD
Ian L. Sachs, MD
Brian J. Salmen, MD
Myron G. Spooner, MD
Robert F. Szczys, MD
John R. Visser, MD
Donald D. Volkmer, MD
Bruce J. Wandler, MD
Richard R. Wilson, MD

Class of 1975

Thank you to the 28% of the class who made a gift.

David R. Aarons, MD
William A. Adair, III, MD
Richard D. Adelman, MD
Michael G. Ankin, MD
Lisa Bailey, MD
Lisa Bailey, MD
Frederick G. Barr, III, MD
Gabriel I. Berlin, MD
William Eric Berquist, MD
John T. Bolger, MD
C. Richard Bonebrake, MD
Andrew M. Brugger, MD
Steven Dieterich, MD
James W. Findling, MD
Elliot Lee Francke, MD
Francisco Gonzalez-Scarano, MD
Henry R. Gross, MD
Richard Hill, MD
Michael J. Holtzman, MD
Forrest W. Jones, MD
David L. Kosh, MD
Edward Seth Kraus, MD
James R. Krieg, MD
Mark J. Kupersmith, MD
Victor N. Meltzer, MD
Pamela Parke, MD
Marvin S. Peiken, MD
Mark W. Peterson, MD
Richard D. Pezner, MD
Peter Pick, MD
Mark E. Randak, MD
David R. Rosi, MD
Neil L. Ross, MD
Vicki J. Schnadig, MD
Jack W. Snyder, II, MD
Teresa A. Lupa Sripada, MD
Stephen M. Stahl, MD
Thomas P. Sullivan, MD
Jeffery S. Vender, MD
David P. Vogt, MD
Robert P. Wise, MD
Charlotte S. Yeh, MD

Class of 1976

Thank you to the 21% of the class who made a gift.

Howard M. Bartman, MD
William H. Carter, Jr., MD
Gerald M. Casey, MD
Louis E. Claybon, MD
Claire Panosian Dunavan, MD
James H. Esther, MD
Leslie C. Grammer, III, MD
Armen S. Kelikian, MD
Earl A. Kubota, MD
David J. Lerner, MD
Donald L. Levin, MD
Susan G. Liebovitz, MD
Frank S. Liu, MD
Robert H. Lohr, MD
Barbara J. Pettitt, MD
Thomas L. Pitts, MD
Leslie A. Pliskin, MD
Milton L. Pressler, MD
Amy Ramirez, MD
Andrew H. Ripecky, MD
Carl A. Sferry, MD
Gregory A. Stainer, MD
Richard W. Whitten, MD
Lanny F. Wilson, MD
Barry G. Zamost, MD

Class of 1977

Thank you to the 19% of the class who made a gift.

Elaine A. Beed, MD
Loren Berenbom, MD
Joseph J. Casey, MD
John P. Gerhold, MD
Matthew P. Grade, MD
William F. Hays, MD
Frederick C. Hess, MD
Barry Mark Kessler, MD
Britton W. Kolar, MD
Richard P. Lewallen, MD
Pamela May New, MD
Richard E. Plotzker, MD
Moses Rodriguez, MD
Timothy A. Sanborn, MD
Dianne M. Sawyer, MD
Eldon D. Schriock, MD
Elizabeth A. Schriock, MD
Theodore J. Schuerman, MD
Charles A. Scott, MD
William G. Spies, MD
Christine Lynn Ternand, MD
James E. Turner, MD
Rick Vaughan, MD
Julia A. Weinerman, MD
Philip M. Weinerman, MD
Max Wiznitzer, MD

Class of 1980

Thank you to the 29% of the class who made a gift.

Carolyn Frank Abman, MD
David H. Aizuss, MD
Lucille Singer Beck, MD
Karen J. Beckman, MD
Jay M. Bernstein, MD
Lindsay Wilson Bibler, MD
Mark R. Bibler, MD
Ned Braunstein, MD
Michael W. Brown, MD
Cooper C. Chao, MD
Ronald J. Edelson, MD
Martha S. Gerrity, MD
Mark S. Gross, MD
J. Michael Halwig, MD
Joan E. Hamblin, MD
Ralph V. Harder, MD
Robert J. Havey, MD
Mira Bjelotomich Irons, MD
Chris J. Johnson, MD
Robert S. Karm, MD
Paul A. Knepper, MD
Mark H. Kogan, MD
Jeffry B. Lawrence, MD
Robert S. Lea, MD
Mark R. Levinstein, MD
David V. Lightfoot, MD
David P. Lusk, MD
Ellen B. Mendelson, MD
Keith D. Merrill, MD
Brian O'Leary, MD
Michael I. Omori, MD
Harold J. Pelzer, MD
Thomas J. Perille, MD
Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, MD
Roy Proujansky, MD
Robert T. Rolfs, MD
Carol Rosenberg, MD
Melani Pertcheck Shaum, MD
Rona Z. Silkiss, MD
Tanya W. Spirtos, MD
Robert J. Swee, MD
Eric Tabas, MD
Gary L. Weeks, MD
Paul V. Willis, MD
Susan Zwanger, MD

Class of 1981

Thank you to the 16% of the class who made a gift.

Ann M. Barber, MD
Kevin R. Bower, MD
Joseph E. Canzona, MD
Sarah Swanson Corden, MD
William Coukos, MD
Jean F. Curran, MD
Mark P. Demus, MD
Jack A. Drogt, MD*
Alan J. Hecht, MD
Gregory P. Kastner, MD
Maria Kimovec-Grutsch, MD
David L. Klionsky, MD
Theodore C. Larson, III, MD
Ernest E. Nitka, MD
Paul M. Palevsky, MD
Gregory F. Pauxtis, MD
Christopher M. Rembold, MD
Owen L. Robinson, MD
Thomas R. Roesel, MD
John P. Rudzinski, MD
Lydia J. Sarro, MD
David J. Smith, MD
M. Christine Stock, MD
Wendelyn A. Witt, MD
Eva L. Youshock, MD

Class of 1982

Thank you to the 27% of the class who made a gift.

Terrence J. Bugno, MD
John C. Cedarholm, MD
Daniel F. Connor, MD
George F. Daniels, Jr., MD
William B. Edgar, MD
Suzanne M. Frank, MD
Helane Schenbaum Fronek, MD
Laura Gordon, MD
Mark S. Gordon, MD
Carrie E. Greenspan, MD
Sara C. Hamel, MD
Michael C. Haupt, MD
Kathleen A. Havlin, MD
Kenneth Heiferman, MD
Sarah C. Heiner, MD
Geoffrey S. Hui, MD
Michael G. Hutmacher, MD
Steven Isono, MD
Teresa L. Jones, MD
Patricia K. Kokotailo, MD
Michael Andrew Krew, MD
Andrew Labbie, MD
Ronald V. Lacro, MD
Richard Lari, MD
Robert F. Lawson, MD
Robert E. McKlveen, MD
Terry Lee Nicola, MD
Edwin O. Okeson, MD
Thomas A. Posever, MD
Randall Randazzo, MD
William R. Rasmus, MD
Ann M. Ressetar, MD
Sharon R. Roseman, MD
Elliot J. Roth, MD
Renate D. Savich, MD
Scott Schieber, MD
Reeva Shulruff, MD
Wesley E. Sowers, MD
Andrew M. Star, MD
James M. Toomey, MD
Judith Veis, MD
Dennis E. Walker, MD
Dione M. Williams, MD

Class of 1985

Thank you to the 34% of the class who made a gift.

S. Ahmed Abdullah, MD
Lynn M. Ables, MD
Estella M. Alonso, MD
Michael R. Barratt, MD
Michelle S. Barratt, MD
Mahlon A. Bradley, MD
Russell D. Brown, MD
Elaine R. Cheng, MD
Paul H. Coluzzi, MD
Sarah Swanson Corden, MD
David A. DeBoer, MD
Richard M. Dsida, MD
Kenneth M. Fine, MD
Jeffrey M. Fowler, MD
Stanley R. Frankel, MD
Raymond P. Gailitis, MD
Jody Gordon, MD
Laurie L. Gutstein, MD
Scott Alan Hamstra, MD
Ann L. Hightower, MD
David M. Holtzman, MD
Gregory P. Kalemkerian, MD
Jonathan T. Klein, MD
Carolyn C. Lamb, MD
Archana Goel Leon-Guerrero, MD
Eduardo R. Leon-Guerrero, MD
Gregory A. Masters, MD
James B. McAuley, MD
Susanna A. McColley, MD
Mark V. McNamara, MD
Celeste Kaliski Morimoto, MD
Todd S. Newberger, MD
Katherine V. Nichols, MD
Jeanne Blair Novas-Busano, MD
John A. Novotny, MD
Brian O’Leary, MD
Craig Masao Ono, MD
Cynthia E. Parenti, MD
Katherine M. Pickett, MD
Jacqueline Pongracic, MD
Donald J. Raithel, MD
Nanette K. Rumsey, MD
Jeffrey J. Schaider, MD
Gayle Swissman Schwartz, MD
Michael B. Simpson, MD
Thomas Jerome Snyder, MD
David G. Srour, MD
Amy Forman Taub, MD
Karen Larson Turgeon, MD
Ukeme I. E. Umana, MD
David L. Walden, MD
Robert L. Waterhouse, Jr., MD
Jeffrey Yee, MD
Theresa A. Yuschok, MD

Class of 1986

Thank you to the 17% of the class who made a gift.

Ellis M. Arjmand, MD,
Joseph A. Di Cara, MD
Steven Fishman, MD
Kevin E. Kelly, MD
Peter E. Knott, MD
Brian Lewis, MD
Geva E. Mannor, MD
George V. Mazariegos, MD
Joseph F. Mooney, MD
David Morimoto, MD
Kathleen Price, MD
Steven J. Price, MD
William Rajala, MD
Mary Beth McMenamin Richmond, MD
M. Wayne Saville, MD
Lori S. Shelnitz, MD
Joel C. Shobe, MD
Janet M. Siel, MD
Elizabeth Spinuzza Harris, MD
Stephanie L. Sugin, MD
Huy N. Trinh, MD
Stephen D. Vogler, MD
Harry E. Wilkins, III, MD
Gary Wu, MD
Scott Zeller, MD

Class of 1987

Thank you to the 24% of the class who made a gift.

Peter W. Allen, Jr., MD
Annette Barnes-Grain, MD
Todd A. Barnett, MD
Brien A. Barnewolt, MD
David R. Boston, MD
Eric N. Britton, MD
Irwin G. Brodsky, MD
Charles Cassidy, MD
Anthony K.H. Chen, MD
Linda A. Cocchiarella, MD
William D. Davis, MD
Elizabeth A. Finley-Belgrad, MD
Kathleen C. Gullahorn, MD
Maureen Hackett, MD
Charles Frederick Harvey, MD
Carla R. Hightower, MD
Hwei-Shin E. Huang, MD
William B. Land, MD
Moses S. Lee, MD
Mark Lowenthal, MD
L. Clifford McDonald, MD
Alan G. Micco, MD
Charles S. Modlin, MD
Sheryl F. Modlin, MD
Deborah R. Moss, MD
Jackie P. Orfanos, MD
Rochelle Marie Parker, MD
Angela F. Perry, MD
Harvinder S. Sandhu, MD
Lisa M. Shakerin, MD
Roya Sohaey, MD
David J. Waldstein, MD
Lori Walsh Edwards, MD
Charles M. Yancey, MD
Eric Y. T. Yang, MD
Karen M. Yokoo, MD

Class of 1990

Thank you to the 21% of the class who made a gift.

Yasmeen Bilimoria, MD
Julie Ryan Blankemeier, MD
Thomas D. Cain, MD
Meta L. Carroll, MD
Eugenia Chang, MD
Andrew I. Choi, MD
Susan E. Clare, MD
Nancy Codori, MD
Deepinder Dhaliwal, MD
Robert K. Goldman, MD
Roopinder K. Grewal, MD
James P. Guevara, MD
Kerry Klegar Humes, MD
Eric D. Isaacs, MD
Theodore M. Johnson, II, MD
Christopher T. Kardasis, MD
Alan K. Koike, MD
Michael E. Margolis, MD
Jeffery E. Masciopinto, MD
Gregory A. Masters, MD
Nancy A. McCarthy, MD
Ranjeev K. Nanda, MD
Francis J. Podbielski, MD
Michael J. Rytel, MD
Ray Sato, MD
Jay P. Schwartz, MD
Bryan Stewart Sires, MD
Robert J. Sobel, MD
Samir S. Taneja, MD
Debra Weinberger, MD

Class of 1991

Thank you to the 18% of the class who made a gift.

Christopher H. Allan, MD
Leonard J. Bernstein, MD
John E. Butter, MD
Richard W. Byrne, MD
Holly Casele, MD
Vinky Chadha, MD
Graciela Rojas Conley, MD
Janice Govostis Farrehi, MD
Steven R. Gallo, MD
Hugh J.L. Garton, MD
Amy L. Gilbert, MD
Sam P. Gulino, MD
John I. Kim, MD
Lynn R. Kong, MD
Cori A. Levinson, MD
Steven Y. Liu, MD
Steven S. Louis, MD
Mark G. Mandabach, MD
Mark D. McKee, MD
Kenneth S. Miller, MD
Robert P. Ochi, MD
Pallavi M. Patel, MD
John Lawrence Sager, MD
Jodi Abramson Speaker, MD
Sarah L. Timmapuri, MD
Matthew J. Uyemura, MD

Class of 1992

Thank you to the 18% of the class who made a gift.

Gregory John Bauwens, MD
Robert E. Brannigan, MD
Arkadiush T. Byskosh, MD
Dolly Y. Chiu, MD
George E. Crickard, III, MD
Christopher J. Devine, MD
Wendy L. Frauchiger, MD
Erik O. Gilbertson, MD
Jenny C. Griswold, MD
F. Wilson Jackson, MD
Jean O. Kim, MD
Ricardo A. Li, MD
Robert J. Longo, MD
Ulrike Luderer, MD
Daniel S. Mollod, MD
Angelica Oviedo, MD
Brad A. Racette, MD
Ernani Sadural, MD
Christine Skypala Seibert, MD
Mark Shermer, MD
Mary Ellen Ulmer, MD
Shailaja Valluri, MD
Dan Pobre Vicencio, MD
Charles Woo, MD
Roger S. Yang, MD
Stephen Zaacks, MD
Martin S. Zand, MD

Class of 1995

Thank you to the 26% of the class who made a gift.

Asma Sultana Ahmad, MD
John Basil Alexis, MD
Dave Balachandran, MD
Geoffrey Louis Bauer, MD
Taizoon H. Baxamusa, MD
Kimberly D. Bennett, MD
Ramil S. Bhatnagar, MD
Rajesh K. Bindal, MD
Eric D. Bucher, MD
Shireesha Carse, MD
Paul W. Cheng, MD
Christopher J. Crossland, MD
Susan Kramer Danziger, MD
Marc S. Eiseman, MD
Robert K. Fitzgerald, MD
Raju S. Ghate, MD
William Richard Harper, MD
Joseph P. Hart, MD
Mushir B. Hassan, MD
Ralph T. Ho, MD
Kathleen A. Howard, MD
Srinivas R. Kaza, MD
Vic Khanna, MD
Nancy W. Lai, MD
Stephen K. Lau, MD
James Lee, MD
Renata Lukezic, MD
Sarah R. Marcus, MD
Terry M. Messer, MD
John K. Min, MD
Michele J. Ostrowski, MD
Connie Savor Price, MD
Timothy A. Pritts, MD
Richard C. Ruck, MD
Ramin Sarrafizadeh, MD
Julie-An M. Talano, MD
Manish Tandon, MD
Linda M. Tsai, MD
Robert J. Van Volkenburgh, Jr., MD
Sandhya Wahi, MD
Amy S. Wang, MD
Joel A. Wilsnack, MD

Class of 1996

Thank you to the 18% of the class who made a gift.

Sheryn Abraham, MD
Andrew C. Alexander, MD
Angela Bicos Kiriklakis, MD
Paul H. Bonucci, MD
Gaurov Dayal, MD
Sabrina M. Echols-Elliott, MD
Sandra L. Elfering, MD
Jennifer K. Fan, MD
Michael L. Gallentine, MD
Rajeev Garapati, MD
Paul T. Giboney, MD
Ronald J. Glas, MD
Grace L. Guo, MD
Thy N. Huskey, MD
Christopher Scott Kang, MD
Keith J. Kaplan, MD
Stephanie Spellman Kennebeck, MD
Edward S.H. Kim, MD
Carol Dorothy King, MD
Scott A. Lorch, MD
Ronnie F. Luyun, MD
Rosa Messer, MD
David E. Morris, MD
Paul E. O'Brien, MD
Nikhil M. Patel, MD
Shamim Y. Patel, MD
Anita G. Rao, MD
Alexandrina S. Saulis, MD
Priya Sharma, MD
Kara Morley Smolek, MD
Noel Spears, MD
Alexandra Selim Theisen, MD
Sean E. Theisen, MD

Class of 1997

Thank you to the 27% of the class who made a gift.

John Alexander, MD
Michael A. Beatty, MD
Christopher J. Berry, MD
Patricia L. Bonnefil Hogan, MD
Tamara F. Carlin, MD
Jennifer M. Chan, MD
John W. Chang, MD
Brian C. Chen, MD
Raymond B. Chow, MD
Sindey K. Chung, MD
Joseph B. Clemente, MD
Serafin M. DeLeon, MD
Sridhar M. Durbhakula, MD
Robert D. Galiano, MD
Sanjay Gandhi, MD
Daniel A. Handel, MD
Jennifer A. Houston, MD
Amy Kao, MD
Greg D. Kennebeck, MD
Ada Jain Kumar, MD
Frank C. Lai, MD
James W. Leiphart, MD
Matthew R. Levine, MD
Samuel Lin, MD
Jeffrey Arthur Linder, MD
Colleen A. Malloy, MD
Shabnum E. Matthews-Vu, MD
Geraldine E. Menard, MD
Ellis K. Nam, MD
Denise R. Nebgen, MD
Kiran Nimmagadda, MD
Daryl L. O'Connor, MD
Monica C. Oerther, MD
Andrew E. Park, MD
Suneet Sahgal, MD
Sandra L. Sheinin, MD
Vinay K. Singh, MD
Jeremy P. Smith, MD
Timothy J. Trainor, MD
Dzuy D. Vu, MD
Brian S. Zuckerbraun, MD

Class of 2000

Thank you to the 23% of the class who made a gift.

Lisa L. Amsterdam, MD
Sonia Ananthakrishnan, MD
Linda K. Barman, MD
Neil C. Barman, MD
Christopher Barnett, MD
Joshua Baumfeld, MD
Michael J. Brenner, MD
Tina Chadha, MD
Daniel S. Chertow, MD
Alexander M. DeLeon, MD
Jennifer Lee Eklund, MD
Christopher Jean-Pierre Francois, MD
James A. Frenchik, MD
Rohit Gupta, MD
Michelle A. Jorden, MD
Anish R. Kadakia, MD
Ellen E. Kim, MD
Kichun Jason Lee, MD
Marc E. Levsky, MD
Jonathan C. Levy, MD
Nancy Y. Liu, MD
Sandra A. McCabe, MD
Cynthia J. Nowinski, MD
Kyong Chris Oh, MD
Jennifer H. Pien, MD
Angela M. Powell, MD
Rishindra Mamidi Reddy, MD
David C. Serlin, MD
Sanjiv Shah, MD
Stephanie Marie Shors, MD
Brendan T. Tribble, MD
Justin J. Vujevich, MD
Jenny Y. Wang, MD
Kim L. Wang, MD
David Weinrach, MD
Scott C. Woller, MD
Gordon C. Wong, MD

Class of 2001

Thank you to the 14% of the class who made a gift.

Lynn M. Azuma, MD
Victor Y. Cheng, MD
Shirley Y. Chi, MD
Bonnie M. Clark-Moskowitz, MD
Brian S. Drummond, MD
Mahidhar M. Durbhakula, MD
Erik Evans, MD
Ripal T. Gandhi, MD
Alicia I. Growney, MD
Brian T. Hall, MD
Steven Huang, MD
Albert D. Hwang, MD
Vipul Kapoor, MD
Roopal Kundu, MD
Jason Marc Liu, MD
Lekshmi Nair, MD
Betty J. Park, MD
Jaspreet S. Sekhon, MD
Anand T. Shivnani, MD
Panjaporn Supanwanid Henrich, MD
Susan Wu, MD

Class of 2002

Thank you to the 17% of the class who made a gift.

Chad J. Achenbach, MD
Laura B. Beckman, MD
Nicole Chao, MD
Andrea Clark, MD
Lynette C. Connell, MD
Gretchen Kirwan Conroy, MD
Andrew L. Coveler, MD
Kara Joy Deaver-Chang, MD
Sunil Dedhia, MD
Michelle A. Echevarria Lim, MD
Lianne Holloway, MD
Julie D. Lamb, MD
Gregory H. Lee, MD
Natalya M. Lvoff Levsky, MD
Murray J. McLachlan, MD
Melissa E. Munroe, MD
Ushma Patel, MD
Michael J. Quadrini, MD
Shamila G. Rawal, MD
Veerabhadra Reddy, MD
David Matthew Rippe, MD
Aalok D. Shah, MD
Marc W. Slutzky, MD
Alpana Soni, MD
Peter M. Tonui, MD
Elisabeth Villavicencio, MD
Jill Morros Weinstein, MD
Edward C. Wu, MD

Class of 2005

Thank you to the 7% of the class who made a gift.

Andrew L. Chiang, MD
Melissa Ann Dugan-Kim, MD
Alvin C. Goh, MD
Raymond K. Hsu, MD
Ryan W. Kaliney, MD
Alexis Dunne Macaluso, MD
Monica Oberoi Patadia, MD
Anne Daley Ryan, MD
Robert M. Saltzmann, MD
David H. Salzman, MD
Alexander S. Strauss, MD

Class of 2006

Thank you to the 11% of the class who made a gift.

Manish Ramakant Asaravala, MD
Amy Badger-Asaravala, MD
Heather A. Ballard, MD
Jeffrey S. Fronza, MD
Kristine Munoz Glass, MD
Kamron Izadi, MD
Matthew Charles Kleinmaier, MD
Seth Brandon Krantz, MD
Paul J. Krivickas, MD
Amin Manuchehry, MD
Drew W. Miller, MD
Priscilla Roche Mutharasan, MD
Jeremy Scott Seelinger Devey, MD
Jessica L. Sime, MD
Samara Taher, MD
Christopher F. Tenggardjaja, MD

Class of 2007

Thank you to the 9% of the class who made a gift.

Shabirhusain Shakir Abadin, MD
Joshua G. Cohen, MD
Seth A. Cohen, MD
Peggy Gatsinos, MD
Heesoo Jung, MD
Rupal Shroff Juran, MD
Jeff Feng-Hsu Lin, MD
Ryan Franklin Mayhew, MD
Maria C. Monge, MD
Laura Babkes Reaven, MD
Richard F. Reaven, MD
Benjamin David Singer, MD

Class of 2010

Thank you to the 9% of the class who made a gift.

Omar Arnaout, MD
Emmanuel P. Bessay, MD
Charles Hamilton Dabbs, Jr., MD
Jeffrey Morris Hotaling, MD
Jill Ou Jin, MD
Thomas Tam Klumpner, MD
Anna Lakoma, MD
Whitney Elizabeth Liddy, MD
Susan Elizabeth Gall Sims, MD
Aaron Daniel Skolsnik, MD
Paul Speicher, MD
David Alan Vermylen, MD
Amanda E. Zubek, MD

Class of 2011

Thank you to the 10% of the class who made a gift.

Claire O'Connell Boogaard, MD
Edward Shei-Ahu Chan, MD
Chazz Hamilton Dabbs, Jr., MD
Robert Edwin Eilers, Jr., MD
Juliet Evans, MD
Matthew Joel Feinstein, MD
Matthew Edward Feurer, MD
Kristin Elizabeth Fontes, MD
Daniel Joseph Fuchs, MD
Elizabeth Nicole Groothuis, MD
Jill Elizabeth Larson, MD
Jonathan Reuben Rosenberg, MD
Jillian Havey Swary, MD
Karen Melissa Tam, MD
Matthew Alan Tao, MD
Lisa Beth VanWagner, MD
Julia Hubert Vermylen, MD

Class of 2012

Thank you to the 9% of the class who made a gift.

Anna Magdalena Banc-Husu, MD
Christine Elise Cherella, MD
Daniel Guillermo Davila, MD
Zachary Samuel Glicksman, MD
Javier Guevara, Jr., MD
Terrance Lee, MD
Danielle Molloy McCarthy, MD
Yara Mikhaeil-Demo, MD
Ryan Babu Perumpail, MD
John Patrick Sarwark, MD
Shuo Jing Song, MD
Siu-Hin Wan, MD
Chase Colton Woodward, MD
Feng Zhang, MD

Class of 2015

Thank you to the 8% of the class who made a gift.

Elaine Patricia Coldren, MD
Sarah Sanders Dhake, MD
Andrew Hoover Karaba, MD
Adina Rachel Kern-Goldberger, MD
Andrew Steven Kern-Goldberger, MD
Benjamin Scott Kester, MD
Kristen Marsha Kester, MD
Neil Kumar Khanna, MD
Marysa Victoria Leya, MD
Christian Connelly Mewaldt, MD
James Alexander Ruvalcaba, MD
Michael Scott Schieber, MD

Class of 2016

Thank you to the 7% of the class who made a gift.

Austin Edward Culver, MD
Douglas Gilchrist-Scott, MD
Preeya Goyal, MD
Andrew Stewart Haynes, MD
Madeleine Rose Heldman, MD
Amy Rogers Filsoof, MD
Margaret Thompson Russell, MD
Derek Chi-Fung Tam, MD
Margaret Yue Yang Yu, MD

Class of 2017

Thank you to the 5% of the class who made a gift.

Suraj Amar Gupta, MD
Ashley Kim, MD
Brianna Marie Knoll, MD
Karolina K. Kucybala, MD
Jeremy Lai, MD
Mary Elizabeth Lohman, MD
Rajat Neil Verma, MD