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Participate in an Alumni Committee

Volunteer on one of our MAA committees, which include:
Engagement | Mentoring | Strategic Initiatives*

*Charged with exploring new opportunities for engaging our alumni, the Strategic Initiatives subcommittees currently include Women in Medicine and Inclusion and Allyship.

 Engagement Committee

The Engagement Committee fosters communication and engagement between alumni, students, the Alumni Board, and the medical school. This includes contact between Feinberg faculty and staff, alumni leadership, and all alumni through events, online interaction, social networking, and publications. The committee hopes to increase attendance of medical alumni at both Northwestern and Feinberg-specific events, encourage the sharing of contact information and personal and professional updates through all available channels, and facilitate a broadening of the medical alumni conversation across the board.

Chair, Engagement Committee


Nupur Ghoshal, ’01 PhD, ’03 MD

 Mentoring Committee

The Mentoring Committee focuses on the mentoring of current students—medical and premedical—as well as alumni. This is accomplished through the creation and implementation of new opportunities for alumni and students to engage in mentoring and networking through larger events, small groups, and one-on-one interaction.

Participate in the Medical School Mentoring Program

An annual Alumni Mentoring and Career Planning Session is held during Alumni Weekend. Alumni from a variety of specialties and geographic locations are invited to participate and speak about their career choices and answer questions from students.

Participate in the HOST (Help Our Students Travel) Program

The HOST (Help Our Students Travel) Program is a service provided by alumni to senior medical students and physicians completing their residencies at Northwestern. Alumni from around the country provide assistance and advice as these students travel to a clinical rotation out of the area or interview for residencies, as well as for residents who are interviewing for positions.

Participate in "Alumni Physicians of Feinberg"

These casual evening gatherings are organized by the MAA in partnership with current Feinberg students, wherein a small group of students joins with a chosen alumnus/a to discuss topics including choosing specialties, maintaining work/life balance, and working outside of academic medicine. The program aims to give students a wider array of perspectives on being a physician than they receive in the classroom.

Chair, Mentoring Committee


Emily Jones, ’08 MD, ’11 GMER

 Strategic Initiatives Committee

The Strategic Initiatives Committee explores new projects and opportunities that are aligned with the mission of the Medical Alumni Board, with the ongoing goal of allowing the Board to grow and evolve over time alongside and in alignment with the medical school.

Current Strategic Initiative Subcommittees

  • Women in Medicine
  • Inclusion and Allyship

Co-Chairs, Strategic Initiatives Committee


Jeffrey Sherman, MD, ’84 GMER, ’85 GMER


Alan M. Kumar ’95, ’98 MD

 Strategic Initiatives Subcommittee: Women in Medicine

The Women in Medicine (WIM) subcommittee hosts events for women in medicine, both locally and across the country, in order to promote women’s issues, challenges, and opportunities in the workplace. By uniting female physicians at conferences, symposia, and informal networking events, WIM helps women in medicine gain skills and connections that foster professional and personal development in all stages of their careers.

Women in Medicine Facebook Group

Join the Women in Medicine Facebook Groupa year-round venue to share personal perspectives and freely discuss issues that are important to women in the medical profession.

Women in Medicine Instagram Page

Join the Northwestern Alumni Women in Medicine Instagram Page to stay current on upcoming WIM events and updates.

Co-Chairs, Women in Medicine Subcommittee


Kavitha Gandhi ’94, ’98 MD, ’99 GMER  


Shelly Vaziri Flais ’95, ’99 MD, ’02 GMER

 Strategic Initiatives Subcommittee: Inclusion and Allyship

The Inclusion and Allyship subcommittee unites and supports the alumni community and current students at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine who represent diverse experiences of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, socioeconomic status, and/or physical ability. Through five central pillars—advocacy, mentorship, philanthropy, outreach, and education—this group of medical alumni and students supports the medical school and the Medical Alumni Association Board. Inclusion and Allyship also partners and aligns with similar diversity efforts within the Northwestern Medicine community, including the medical school’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion, and welcomes everyone.

Inclusion and Allyship Facebook Page

Join the Inclusion and Allyship Facebook Pagea year-round venue seeking to unite and support the alumni community and current students of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine who represent diverse life experiences such as (but not limited to) race, sexual orientation, disability, or gender identity.

Co-Chairs, Inclusion and Allyship Subcommittee


Javier Guevara Jr., ’12 MD  


Darren E. Wethers, ’88 MD