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Area of Scholarly Concentration in Integrative Medicine

The mission of the Area of Scholarly Concentration (AOSC) is to train Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine students to perform a highly mentored project that culminates with the writing of a thesis. AOSC projects related to integrative medicine AOSCs can be developed in collaboration with our research faculty, through the Medical Social Sciences - Outcomes Research area of investigation. Osher Center research faculty mentor medical students across the four years in a research project. This process allows MD students to conduct a hypothesis-driven investigation or formal project in biomedical research or medically related field.  

Current Projects

  • Kathryn Smith (Class of 2023) with project mentor Elaine Cheung, PhD: Characterizing Female Physicians’ Health Literacy on the Role of Age in Fertility
    • Working with faculty members to investigate fertility awareness among female physicians in academic medicine, with a particular focus on knowledge of age-related fertility decline and fertility preservation.
  • Danish Rashid Majid (Class of 2023) with project mentor: Elaine Cheung, PhD: Discrimination and Burnout Among Medical Students: An Intersectional Approach
    • Working with faculty members to characterize medical students’ experiences of discrimination in clinical spaces from an intersectional lens, that is, in context of an individual’s multiple overlapping identities, and to evaluate medical students’ experiences of discrimination, burnout, resilience, stress, depression and coping as a function of students’ multiple identities.
  • Kian Rahbari (Class of 2023) with project mentor Judith T. Moskowitz, PhD: Operationalizing and Assessing Treatment Adherence on the LARKSPUR Study

Past Projects

  • Apoorva Ram (2020): An anthropologic study on community and patient use of integrative medicine 
  • Sara Cohen (2020: Mindfulness meditation
  • Max Kazer (2019): Self-directed stress reduction in the medical education setting
  • Carla Berkowitz (2019): A survey of integrative providers' knowledge of nutrition and cleanses
  • Sara Diaz (2019): Evaluating barriers facing integrative medicine physicians in diagnosing and treating obesity
  • Matthew Mosquera (2017): Working to develop and validate a new measurement tool of medical student stress and burnout
  • Richard Greendyk (2017): An evaluation of OCIH’s 360 Program, which provides free acupuncture and massage services to cancer patients receiving treatment at the Maggie Daley Center and the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University

Contact Us

Our research faculty act as mentors for Osher Center for Integrative Health AOSC projects. Please contact our director of research Judy Moskowitz, PhD, for information.

For additional information about any of our MD education programs, contact Isra Hassan.

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