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Promotion Toolkit

The quality and success of the Feinberg School of Medicine depends upon the intellectual environment created by an outstanding faculty and their continuing commitment to our academic mission. The Feinberg Academy of Medical Educators (FAME) serves as a resource to assist faculty and trainees to become more effective educators by offering knowledge and tools to assist them in promotion.  

Timeline of Promotion at the Feinberg School of Medicine. Detailing the process of preparing a packet, submitting the packet to the Faculty Affairs Office, the Feinberg School of Medicine Review, the Provost Office Review, the Notification of Decision, and the Promotion Decision Effective

While the promotion toolkit below provides quick links and opportunities, the Faculty Affairs Office's Faculty Launchpad is a repository of research and career resources. The Feinberg School of Medicine also offers opportunities for faculty recognition such as FAME membership, exemplary professionalism, and the John X Thomas Jr. Best Teachers of Feinberg Awards

Promotion Toolkit

 FAME Lectures & Workshops Recordings

Recorded FAME Sessions:

Promotion Readiness: Crafting a Personal StatementSpeakers: Aashish Didwania, MD; Angira Patel, MD, MPH | Date: April 17, 2024

How to Get Promoted at Feinberg: Panel DiscussionPanelists: Jessica Thurk; Aashish Didwania, MD; Judith Gadde, DO, MBA;  Angelique Dueñas, PhD | Date: November 14, 2023

Panel Discussion: TIME to Discuss...Getting Promoted in Medical Education - Panelists: Mary McBride, MD, MEd; Khalilah Latrece Gates, MD; Patricia Garcia, MD, MPH; David Salzman, MD, MEd; Farzaneh Sorond, MD, PhD; Jennifer Trainor, MD | Date: February 15, 2022

 Teaching Effectiveness/Feedback on Teaching

Educator Tip Sheet – Developed by Mary McBride, MD, MEd

Teaching Evaluation/Feedback Form - Recommended for use by educators to receive in the moment feedback from learners. 

Direct Observational Teaching - Peer educators provide feedback on teaching techniques and strategies.

 Scholarship Resources

Recorded FAME Sessions: 

MedEdMENTOR: A Virtual Guide for Medical Education Scholarship - Speaker: Geoffrey V. Stetson, MD | Date: December 20, 2023

Concepts for Medical Education Research - A Beginner's Guide - Speaker: Aaron Calhoun, MD | Date: July 19, 2023

Educational Scholarship: An Introduction to MedEdPORTAL - Speaker: Rebekah Burns, MD | Date: December 21, 2022

It's a story, not a study!: How to write a scholarly manuscripts that people will want to read - Speaker: Lorelei Lingard, PhD | Date: June 15, 2022

Feinberg Faculty Publications:

To view a list of recently published articles by Northwestern Feinberg faculty, visit the Department of Medical Education's website. This list can be used for inspiration in finding a new research topic or area of interest or for finding a new mentor or collaborator. 


Table contains content of various scholarship resources including MedEdPORTAL and MedEdMentor.
Resource Title Description


MedEdPORTAL is an open-access journal of teaching and learning resources in the health professions published by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). MedEdPORTAL publications are stand-alone, complete teaching or learning modules that have been implemented and evaluated with physician trainees or practitioners. Each submission is reviewed by editorial staff and external peer reviewers.


An AI-powered platform to assist in developing health professions education research. 

A Toolkit for Medical Education Scholarship

 Authored by Gail M. Sullivan, MD, MPH

Health Professions Education Journals

Journal options for publishing health professions education articles.

 Funding Opportunities


Table contains content about funding opportunities available to health professions educators.
Opportunity Type Timeline Description

Augusta Webster Accelerating Education Grant


Annual Cycle - Applications Open in October

The Augusta Webster Accelerating Education Grant, sponsored by Augusta Webster, is an opportunity for career development through investigator-proposed, innovative research projects in health professions education-related scholarship and research. The grant award is $10,000 and supports one (1) year of a project. 

Augusta Webster Fellowship

Internal Two Year Cycle - Applications Open in November The Augusta Webster Faculty Fellowship in Educational Research & Innovation is an opportunity for career development through investigator-proposed, innovative projects in health professions education. The fellowship award is $50,000 and supports two (2) years of research.

AMA ChangeMedEd Equity, Diversity and Belonging Grant

External Two Year Cycle - Applications Open in April To advance equity within U.S. medical schools, the Equity, Diversity and Belonging (EDB) Unit at the American Medical Association (AMA) is developing a multi-institutional EDB Grant Program and a Learning Community of grantees whose work will focus on two related priorities: inclusive admissions and equity in assessment. Up to 10 grants will be awarded.

ABMS Research and Education Foundation's Grant Program

External Anticipated deadline of January each cycle The ABMS Research and Education Foundation grant program supports original research that provides insight into the process of achieving and maintaining the standards for medical specialty certification. These insights inform improvements in the structures, processes, and outcomes of certification.

GEA National Grant Award

External Pre-proposals due in January each cycle In its strong encouragement and support of research in medical education, the GEA seeks to fund research projects that address important problems or questions in medical education. Proposals that foster collaboration are strongly encouraged.

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