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Searle Faculty Fellowship

The Searle Faculty Fellowship is a multi-disciplinary, yearlong program for early-career faculty. The fellowship is a signature program of the The Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching, based on the Evanston campus, which provides seminars and workshops for faculty to improve numerous aspects of their teaching skills. These opportunities are open to all faculty members and are conducted on both the Chicago and Evanston campuses.

Established in 1999, the Searle Faculty Fellowship aims to provide faculty with the expertise and knowledge to implement evidence-based approaches to learning and teaching. Participants work with a senior faculty mentor to develop a teaching project related to a course they teach, attend a minimum of three faculty development events and participate in all of the program-related activities (including a two-day retreat and multiple mentoring sessions).

Since its inception, more than 80 Feinberg faculty members have benefited from the program. Since 2011, the medical school’s involvement has been coordinated by the Feinberg Academy of Medical Educators (FAME), which assists in the application and selection process for Feinberg faculty, ensures optimal coordination of participants’ and faculty mentor activities, and, downstream, incorporates former fellows’ skills in other Feinberg faculty development initiatives.

Participation in the program is also viewed favorably in tenure and promotion decisions.

The call for applications is currently closed.

Expectations for Searle Fellows

  • Participate in retreats and workshops on teaching theories.
  • Select a more senior faculty member from their own department to serve as their mentor.
  • Work with Searle Center staff and their mentor to develop a project that explores current literature on teaching and learning effectiveness.
  • Attend a recognition ceremony and dinner at the end of the spring quarter, attended by current fellows, mentors and university leaders.

Past Fellows & Mentors


Previous 2019 Searle Fellows
Name Department Mentor
Sami Chaouki Pediatrics Angira Patel
Conrad Epting Pediatrics, Critical Care; Pathology Rick McGee
Angela Fidler Pfammatter Preventive Medicine, Behavioral Medicine Michael Fagen
Marion Stanley Medicine, Hospital Medicine Gary Martin
Theresa Walunas Medicine, General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Kenzie Cameron
Kristy Wolniak Pathology David Salzman


Previous 2018 Searle Fellows
Name Department Mentor
Kavita Hodgkins Pediatrics, Kidney Diseases Jennifer Trainor
Kelly Lowry Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Karen Gouze
Amy Whalen Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine Celia O'Brien


Previous 2017 Searle Fellows
Name Department Mentor
Heather A. Ballard Pediatrics, Anesthesiology Jeffrey Barsuk
Eric D. Donnelly Radiation Oncology Shohreh Shahabi
Elizabeth Hibler Preventive Medicine Mercedes Carnethon
Maheen Quadri Pediatrics Jennifer Trainor
Tanie L. Saroli Pediatrics, Cardiology Peter Koenig
Katie Knoedelseder Wolfe Pediatrics, Critical Care Medicine Mary McBride


Previous 2016 Searle Fellows
Name Department Mentor
Mobola Cambell-Yesufu Medicine Gary Martin
Shannon Crabtree Medical Education, Physician Assistant Program David Salzman
Priya Gopwani Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine Walter Eppich
Russ Horowitz Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine Patricia Garcia
Angira Patel Pediatrics, Cardiology Karen Mangold
Amy Y. Wang Preventive Medicine Mark Adler


Previous 2015 Searle Fellows
Name Department Mentor
Margaret Chapman Medicine, Hospital Medicine Gary Martin
Patrick Lank Emergency Medicine Michael Gisondi
Mary E. McBride Pediatrics, Cardiology Katherine Barsness
Malika Shah Pediatrics, Neonatology Irwin Benuck
Ranya Sweis Medicine, Interventional Cardiology Gary Martin

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