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Anti-Racism in Medical Education


Medicine in the United States has historically struggled with inequitable care for minoritized and marginalize people based on race, ethnicity, ability and LGBTQ+ status, as well as other factors, contributing to persistent health care disparities related to systemic and structural racism and other inequities. Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine is committed to an anti-racist, inclusive and bias-free environment for all learners and educators. FAME shares this commitment that is required to achieve and maintain diversity, inclusivity and equity in medical education. 

Aligned with this commitment, the Feinberg Academy of Medical Educators (FAME) serves as a resource to assist the development of faculty and trainees to become more effective educators by offering knowledge and tools necessary for providing our learners to provide high-quality, equitable and inclusive patient care during their clinical training and throughout their careers.  On this page, we provide content that will assist our faculty in creating anti-bias and inclusive medical education.  These resources, along with Feinberg’s Task Force on Inclusion and Bias (hyperlink to the task force website), will support a community of educators and collaborators dedicated to the elimination of structural “-isms” and bias in medical education. 


 Creating Anti-bias Curricula

 Addressing Bias and Microaggressions in Academic Medicine

 Addressing Bias in Assessment

 Creating an Inclusive Environment for learners

 Additional Resources

Educational Materials for Educators on Social Determinants of Health

A list of statements in solidarity and educational resources compiled by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion. They encourage community members to use these resources to better understand the issues we face.

The REPAIR Project

3-year strategic initiative designed to address Anti-Black Racism and augment Black, Indigenous, People of Color voices and presence in Science and Medicine and healthcare. "REPAIR" is an acronym for REParations and Anti-Institutional Racism.

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma-Informed Care: An Online Module for Pediatricians


How Diverse Is Your Universe? An Activity for Students to Reflect on Ethnoracial Diversity During Orientation


Adverse Childhood Experiences: A Case-Based Workshop Introducing Medical Students to Trauma-Informed Care


Medical Ethics and Health Equity: The Henrietta Lacks Story


Caring With Compassion, Domain 2: Bio-Psychosocial Care of Uninsured, Homeless, Underserved, and At-Risk Populations


Healthcare Disparities


Best Intentions: Using the Implicit Associations Test to Promote Reflection About Personal Bias



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