Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Emergency Medicine

Active Research Faculty


Jennifer L. Chan, MD/MPH

Research Interests:​ 

I am interested in Humanitarian Response and Crisis Mapping/Technology Research.

D. Mark Courtney, MD

Research Interests:​ 

I am interested most in the optimal acute diagnosis and therapy of venous thromboembolic disease.


Scott M. Dresden, MD

Research Interests:​ 

My primary research interests are in emergency medicine and health services research with the goal of a helping to develop a more patient-centered acute care system. I am particularly interested in patients' use of the emergency department and transitions of care from the emergency department to either the community or hospital.


Howard S. Kim, MD

Research Interests:​ 

I am currently studying the incidence and characteristics of benzodiazepine-opioid co-prescribing from the emergency department with quantitative and qualitative methods.

Demetrios N. Kyriacou, MD

Research Interests:​ 

My research interests include injury prevention, clinical infectious diseases, and health services.  I have mentored numerous medical students, residents, and junior faculty on clinical and epidemiological research methods, resulting in several publications and the awarding of numerous master’s degrees. I also have international experience, having worked in Ghana and Ethiopia.

Alexander Lo, MD, PhD

Research Interests:​ 

My primary research interests are in emergency medicine, geriatric EM care and outcomes, GED education and development, geriatric mobility and function, and health disparities.


Danielle M. McCarthy, MD

Research Interests:​ 

My current research focuses on increasing patients' comprehension of their own medical care by examining multiple aspects of health communication in the hectic Emergency Department environment.

Lori Post, PhD

Research Interests:​ 

My primary interest is in injury and violence prevention through policy solutions with a special emphasis on vulnerable populations.


Emilie Susan Powell, MD/MBA

Research Interests:​ 

My primary research interests are in the fields of emergency medicine and health services research with a goal of improving healthcare quality and patient safety. I have a background in operations research as well as health services research and have completed a Masters in Business Administration and a formal health services research fellowship. My work uses innovative methodologies, such as in situ simulation and failure mode effects analysis, to assess and improve care delivery. I also have experience with large database analysis. I am particularly interested in improving the delivery of severe sepsis and septic shock resuscitation in the emergency department.

Peter Pruitt, MD, MS

Research Interests:​ 

In November, 2017, Peter Pruitt, MD, MS (NU Institute for Health Services Research Fellowship ‘17) was awarded the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Foundation’s Research Teaching Grant for his research in developing a decision instrument to identify patients with low-risksubdural hematoma.


Christopher T. Richards, MD

Research Interests:​ 

My focus is on the prehospital management of acute time-sensitive conditions, specifically stroke, and particularly focusing on how communication affects systems of care for patients with acute illness. I have also studied the care of complex patients in the Emergency Department, as well as palliative medicine topics in the Emergency Department setting.


David H. Salzman, MD

Research Interests:​ 

My primary interests center around the use of simulation as a method of instruction. Specifically, I am interested in curriculum development, assessment of students, and the development of novel teaching strategies.