Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Emergency Medicine


The Emergency Medicine Research Program’s mission is to be a leading national academic department that develops patient-centered, time-dependent, acute care practices that optimize efficiency, safety, and positive outcomes.

A Message from the Director of Emergency Medicine Research, D. Mark Courtney, MD

NU emergency medicine research focuses on two primary domains: clinical research and health services research.  We have 8 primary research faculty who actively conduct grant funded research in emergency care with the chief aim to improve patient care.  The clinical research we do is primarily focused in the domains of cardiovascular, pulmonary, and neurological disease. 

Every member on our team of core researchers has advanced degrees, all are active in grant funded research, and many have completed either career development awards or research fellowships.  Our work in clinical research primarily investigates optimal disease detection as well as timely treatment.

Health services research is commonly thought of as an investigation of the means of health care delivery.  It addresses the design, evaluation and optimization of systems of care.  We have done significant research contributing leading ideas to the emergency care of a variety of patient demographic groups.

As the U.S. healthcare system continues to become more complex, team approaches to emergency care research will continue to be important.  Our philosophy is to focus on research that has the maximal impact on optimizing use of the right tests, for the right patients, that allows us to deliver the best care to reduce disease impact in an efficient, patient-centered manner.  This will involve leadership and partnership with other disciplines and institutions as we tackle the most challenging emergent health problems of the future.

Research Fellowship

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