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Fellowship activities will train physicians for successful careers in emergency department administration and management and will allow candidates to manage an ED that operates at the highest levels of safety and efficiency. 

The fellowship begins July 1 and lasts two years. Under special circustances, a one-year fellowship is available for applicants who already have an advanced business or management degree with an emphasis on health care administration (e.g. MBA).  

The candidate will work clinical shifts in the Northwestern Memorial Hospital Emergency Department as an attending physician with supervisory responsibilities of residents, students, and advanced practice providers.  Fellows will also have the opportunity to work at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital, Grayslake Emergency Department, and other Northwestern Medicine Health Care (NMHC) Emergency Departments as the need allows.  

Fellows will be immersed in the operations leadership team and be named Assistant Medical Director.  Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of committees and projects with a focus on clinical operations, quality improvement, patient safety and experience, healthcare leadership, project management, and innovative care delivery.  The candidate will lead and participate in projects under the direction of the clinical operations leadership that are tailored to the fellow’s professional interests. Specific mentors will be identified for the candidate depending on the candidate’s goals and career interests.

The fellow will be funded to attend an emergency department operations leadership course such as the American College of Emergency Physicians Director's Academy. The fellow will identify and collaborate on at least one scholarly project over the course of their fellowship.  Regularly scheduled fellow conferences will also be held during which time fellows will present certain topics and learn from topic-specific speakers and leaders within the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern Medicine, Northwestern University, and affiliated business partners.

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