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Director's Message

Welcome to the Center for Health Information Partnerships’ website. At CHIP we believe that bringing people, communities, and data together can drive measurable and sustained improvement in health. 

A Formula for Better Health

Our philosophy towards the work can be expressed as a formula for better health. It captures how we define those components we work with and how we use them to reach shared goals.

  • People x Data = Information
  • Shared Value x Trust = Partnerships
  • (People x Data) + (Shared Value x Trust) = Better Health

Information + Partnerships = Better Health.

Our Work

Our projects are often out in the community, building new partnerships, bringing in new data, or developing novel ways to connect.  Some examples include:

  • Connecting multiple health systems together for research that sees care across a region and engages patients (CAPriCORN)
  • Training scholars as future leaders of learning health systems (ACCELERAT)
  • Helping small independent practices to adopt best practices (INSPIRE
  • Teaming up with community partners to address local health concerns (CIRCL-Chicago
  • Analyzing EHR data from a large patient population to study health outcomes (NEXT-D)

More diversity in people, data, and communities translates to creative and impactful combinations.  So at CHIP we strive for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the work we do, as well as within our center. In 2020, we established our Equity Committee to examine and improve on how we practiced this value within our center, with a particular focus on racial equity and a mandate to foster a DEI-focused workplace. We believe that securing such an environment within our center leads to broader thinking and inspired solutions we can bring to the communities we serve.

Contact Us

We welcome your interest in our center and invite you to learn more about our people and projects.  If you see new opportunities to connect, please contact us.


Abel Kho, MD, MS, FACMI
Director, Center for Health Information Partnerships

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