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Center for Bioethics & Medical Humanities

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The uses of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare grow daily. Many envision that AI will help individualize treatment plans, prevent illness and expedite discovery, to name just a few applications. History reminds us that healthcare innovation brings new social, cultural, professional and often moral challenges. AI has already pushed the boundaries of privacy and confidentiality and raised important concerns related to the doctor-patient relationship, the role of clinicians and the potential for group harms, not to mention the myriad of unknown unknowns that have yet to surface. 

The Center for Bioethics & Medical Humanities supports cross-disciplinary engagement and collaboration among communities, thought leaders, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems to consider the moral and ethical challenges presented in the current and developing healthcare environment. Through this multidimensional lens, the center will support efforts to address the developing moral and ethical challenges introduced by AI through engagement, deliberation, research and thought leadership. 

AI already affects everyone. It is imperative that we consider the ethical challenges introduced by AI using a collaborative multidisciplinary approach that engages professionals and communities."

Kelly Michelson, MD, MPH, Director, Center for Bioethics & Medical Humanities

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