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Digital Health Curriculum

Understanding and using digital healthcare and data science is integral to the practice of medicine. To ensure Northwestern medical students graduate with the knowledge and experience they will need, David Liebovitz, MD, co-director of I.AIM’s Center for Medical Education in Digital Healthcare and Data Science,and Mahesh Vaidyanathan, MD, MBA, assistant professor of Anesthesiology, have developed a new component of the medical education curriculum.  

Students learn how to incorporate data, machine learning, and other tools into their practice in order to personalize patient care and improve outcomes. Mastering core competencies of the curriculum ensure students gain a solid foundation that can ultimately have a positive impact on healthcare systems. Read more about the curriculum 

Resources for Increasing Proficiency in Digital Health

For a comprehensive overview, work though the presentations and exercises in "Getting Started: Digital Healthcare and Data Science." A Northwestern NetID is required for access.

Other Resources:

Apps and App Design Resources

  • Apple ResearchKit and CareKit -- Use this open-source code to design health apps 
  • CDS Hooks -- Create clinical decision support tools with this application programming interface (API)
  • Epic App Orchard -- Learn about Epic's APIs and explore developers' apps
  • Google Fit -- Access APIs to build health and wellness apps
  • SMART on FHIR -- Use this open-source, standards-based API to offer secure, universal access to EHRs