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Center for Medical Education in Digital Healthcare & Data Science

We aspire to impart trainees with foundational knowledge and skills in the research and application of technology to improve health.

The digital transformation of healthcare is accelerating with wearable sensors, telemedicine, interoperable health data and opportunities for personalized care guidance. The opportunities lie not only in the way we deliver care and treat disease, but also ultimately in the way we prevent disease. We need to enable the next generation of physicians to understand, interpret, apply and improve emerging technologies and data science in order to practice in and build our future healthcare system.

Read about the Digital Health and Data Science Component in Medical Education Curriculum. The Health Data Gymnasium, a hands-on environment for learning about health data science, is also housed within the center. 

Our center coordinates educational initiatives regarding digital healthcare and data science topics, including qualitative and quantitative analysis, machine learning, decision support, workflow integration, patient generated data and implementation science and the ethical implications of this evolving science.

This is a generation that has been raised with technology and will be the future architects and drivers of the technological revolution in healthcare. We need to equip them with the knowledge and skills to evaluate and leverage that technology to provide equitable, high-value care for patients.

Marianne Green, MD, co-director, Center for Medical Education in Digital Healthcare and Data Science

The tools that data science brings to clinical care enable more effective and personalized care for our patients. Thus, along with anatomy, physiology and the other longstanding topics in medical school curricula, digital healthcare and data science are now essential ingredients in our students' education.

David M. Liebovitz, MD, FAMIA, FACP, co-director, Center for Medical Education in Digital Healthcare and Data Science

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