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About Us

Research. Education. Innovation. Improved care. The mission of the Institute for AI in Medicine is to bridge computational methods with human expertise to advance medical science and improve human health.

We aspire to be the premier academic institution applying augmented intelligence to human health. The creative application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and stored information to improve pattern recognition, genetic analysis and deep phenotyping of health data is anchored by our commitment to responsible, ethical and open science.

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Guiding Principles

  1. Value privacy
  2. Act with humility
  3. Endeavor ethically
  4. Move deliberately, don’t break things patients or clinicians depend on
  5. Respect patients and clinicians
  6. Augment the physician’s tools, maintain centrality of people in the practice of medicine
  7. Beneficence (do what’s right)

The Team

We work collaboratively to forward our mission and apply augmented intelligence to human health.

Data Sources

Clinical Care. Basic Science. Administrative.
Mobile/Sensor. Social Determinants.

Expert Advisers

I.AIM is convening an Internal Advisory Committee from across our Northwestern community leveraging health systems leaders and faculty experts from computer science, engineering, law, business and ethics. 

To stay up to date on industry trends and challenges, we’re convening an External Advisory Committee. Find out more by contacting us


Contact Us

We welcome your interest. Please contact us via the information below.

Institute for AI in Medicine (I.AIM)
625 N. Michigan Ave.
15th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611

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