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All faculty who teach at the Feinberg School of Medicine can receive coaching, support, and consultations from Educational Technology Services. The Ed Tech Team focuses on technology, and can consult on pedagogy and teaching techniques that are evidence-based, proven, and effective. With years of experience teaching at the university level, the Ed Tech staff are happy to help brainstorm improvements to teaching practice, regardless of how or what you teach. In addition, they also have instructional designers who can help you improve your learning guides, presentations, and media to maximize learning outcomes for your students. 

Learning Spaces and Medical Educational Technologies

The Ed Tech Team manages all the learning spaces at FSM.These spaces include flexible teaching solutions, such as a Mobile Teaching Cart to help transform a lecture hall into a teaching space and a Remote Teaching Studio that allows faculty to lecture in live or recorded capacities.

In addition, they can help you with a variety of medical and instructional educational technologies ranging from software such as Nearpod, TurningPoint, and Complete Anatomy to hardware like Butterflies and HoloLenses.  Once you’re ready to get started, please feel free to reach out for a conversation or more information.

Video Production, Light Board, and more

A team of media artists and designers are available to help you create full-production educational or promotional content. Rates vary with the services required. Please contact them for a free consultation to find a path to turn your vision into reality.  

Contact the Educational Technology Team

If you’re unsure who to speak with in Ed Tech for your needs, submit this form and someone will contact you within two business days. 

 Feinberg's Educational Technologies

The Feinberg School of Medicine offers several teaching technologies, and new technologies are being added all the time.

This list is not comprehensive. If you are interested in experimenting or using any of the following technologies in your teaching practice, please contact Joe Horne to learn more. You can also contact Joe to inquire about adding a new technology that will support your teaching.

  • Nearpod
  • HoloLens 2
  • Aquifer
  • Brainscape
  • Complete Anatomy
  • iHuman
  • Lecture
  • LucidCharts
  • Nowpow
  • Poll Everywhere
  • Theme
  • Open Canopy (Spanish Language Learning for Medical Professionals

 TurningPoint Technologies (Student Response System)

TurningPoint Technologies is the supported student response system used widely at Feinberg.

Often referred to as “clickers”, these devices are useful in remote and face-to-face teaching situations. They keep students engaged, and the feedback that students provide with well-written and well-placed questions can help guide your presentation or lecture.

Helpful Links

 Canvas (Northwestern’s Learning Management System)

Canvas is the official learning management system for Northwestern University, and for most R1 institutions.

Northwestern University has a wealth of information on Canvas, and extensive support is available from the main campus.

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 Panopto (Lecture capture and video storage)

Panopto is a lecture capture and video storage/hosting platform that is widely used in higher education.

What is Panopto and how would I use it as a faculty member?

Watch this short video to learn more.

More About Panopto

You can record yourself directly from your laptop or desktop, upload videos you make with your phone, or assemble a narrated PowerPoint session or demo of something on your screen. In addition, you can embed “learning checks” in the video – simple questions that keep the students engaged, and also ensure they are learning the content.

To use Panopto as a video recorder, you’ll first need to download their free software.

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Piazza is a flexible discussion board tool.

Many Feinberg students and faculty use Piazza for extending conversations, getting direct assistance from faculty, and collaborating with fellow students to solve problems, deepen their understanding, and enrich the conversation.

Helpful Links

Piazza Support Page

Learn More

To learn about best practices for using Piazza, please reach out to Joe Horne.


Zoom is the Northwestern University supported technology for hosting virtual meetings, virtual classes, and virtual office hours.

Faculty should think of Zoom as the backbone of their virtual classroom. Zoom adds new features frequently so we encourage you to check here periodically to see the expanded possibilities of what you can do in your teaching practice when using Zoom. It’s also important to keep Zoom updated on your machine as updates are rarely pushed to you.

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