Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Emergency Medicine

Message from the Program Director

Northwestern University is proud of its long tradition of national leadership in emergency medicine (EM) education and our state-of-the-art care for acutely ill or injured patients in the greater Chicago area.

We continue to honor this rich legacy by providing today’s emergency medicine physicians with opportunities to expand their skills in our medical education fellowship. It is my pleasure to provide this brief introduction to our exceptional training program.

This two-year fellowship provides comprehensive formal training in medical education scholarship and ample experiential opportunities to assimilate practical skills necessary for effective medical education leadership and administration. Clinical shifts in the Emergency Department and leadership roles within our medical student clerkship and residency program allow fellows to apply new skills in real time. The vast network of educators and resources at both Northwestern University and the Feinberg School of Medicine gives fellows access to leaders in education research and scholarship.

Fellows will have the opportunity to learn, practice and create while focusing on undergraduate and graduate education methods, curriculum development, education research, adult learning theory, assessment tool design, simulation and immersive learning, continuing medical education, social media and medical education, residency program leadership, and faculty development. Our curriculum allows for flexibility so that fellows to customize their experience to fit their interests and goals.

Thank you for your interest in medical education at Northwestern. Further information about the fellowship can be found throughout the Department website. 

Michael Gisondi

David Salzman, MD, MEd
Medical Education Fellowship Director
Assistant Residency Program Director
Department of Emergency Medicine

Director of Simulation for Undergraduate Medical Education
Director of Phase 3 (4th Year Curriculum)
Department of Medical Education