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  1. Xu L, Xie X, Luo Y  The role of macrophage in regulating tumour microenvironment and the strategies for reprogramming tumour-associated macrophages in antitumour therapy.  Eur J Cell Biol  2021 Jan 13;100(2):151153. pii:S0171-9335(21)00004-2
  2. Yan H, Wang H, Zhu X, Huang J, Li Y, Zhou K, Hua Y, Yan F, Wang DZ, Luo Y  Adeno-associated virus-mediated delivery of anti-miR-199a tough decoys attenuates cardiac hypertrophy by targeting PGC-1alpha.  Mol Ther Nucleic Acids  2021 Mar 05;23:406-417. doi:10.1016/j.omtn.2020.11.007
  3. Luo Y, Li ZM, Li LP, Zou Y, Xu XY, Zhang ZY, Liu FY, Xiong Y, Wan L  ITRAQ-based proteomics analysis of tanshinone IIA on human ectopic endometrial stromal cells of adenomyosis.  Arch Gynecol Obstet  2021 Jan 20;. doi:10.1007/s00404-020-05936-1
  4. Luo Y, Li S, He J, Cai D, Dai Y, Feng L, Sun C, Zhu X  Translation and Validation of Fear of Pain-9 Items into Simplified Chinese Version for Mainland China.  J Pain Res  2021;14:35-40. doi:10.2147/JPR.S275227
  5. Ye G, Zhou W, Li J, Ling W, Luo Y  True Aneurysm of the Breast After Vacuum-assisted Removal of Benign Masses: A Case Report.  Int J Gen Med  2021;14:67-71. doi:10.2147/IJGM.S288019
  6. Luo Y, Yu F, Zhou M, Liu Y, Xia B, Zhang X, Liu J, Zhang J, Du Y, Li R, Wu L, Zhang X, Pan T, Guo D, Peng T, Zhang H  Engineering a Reliable and Convenient SARS-CoV-2 Replicon System for Analysis of Viral RNA Synthesis and Screening of Antiviral Inhibitors.  mBio  2021 01 19;12(1). pii:e02754-20
  7. Liu Y, Tan W, Chen H, Zhu Y, Wan L, Jiang K, Guo Y, Tang K, Xie C, Yi H, Kuang Y, Luo Y  Dynamic changes in lymphocyte subsets and parallel cytokine levels in patients with severe and critical COVID-19.  BMC Infect Dis  2021 Jan 18;21(1):79. doi:10.1186/s12879-021-05792-7
  8. Tang H, Dou Y, Meng Y, Lu Q, Liang L, Luo Y  LINC00538 promotes the progression of colon cancer through inhibiting NKD2 expression.  J BUON  ;25(6):2657-2664
  9. Luo B, Ma Y, Zhou Y, Zhang N, Luo Y  Human ClpP protease, a promising therapy target for diseases of mitochondrial dysfunction.  Drug Discov Today  2021 Jan 15;. pii:S1359-6446(21)00034-9
  10. Luo Y, Chen X, Chen J, Wu Z, Ma H, Liu X, Xiang B, Ma X, Luo Z  A combined experimental and molecular dynamics simulation study of an intrinsic self-healing polyurethane elastomer based on a dynamic non-covalent mechanism.  Soft Matter  2021 Jan 18;. doi:10.1039/d0sm02085k
  11. Shao SC, Tang L, Luo Y  The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Dendrobium wangliangii (Orchidaceae).  Mitochondrial DNA B Resour  2020 Oct 07;5(3):3495-3497. doi:10.1080/23802359.2020.1827063
  12. Mao Y, Qiao JD, Chen S, Zhou X, Wang Z, Cai S, Li L, Luo Y  Kallistatin Inhibits Anoikis Resistance and Metastasis of Ectopic Endometrium Cells by Modulating MnSOD and Caspase 3 Signaling.  Reprod Sci  2021 Jan 15;. doi:10.1007/s43032-020-00421-1
  13. Zhuang S, Hong H, Zhang L, Luo Y  Spoilage-related microbiota in fish and crustaceans during storage: Research progress and future trends.  Compr Rev Food Sci Food Saf  2021 Jan;20(1):252-288. doi:10.1111/1541-4337.12659
  14. Luo Y, Yu P, Zhao J, Guo Q, Fan B, Diao Y, Jin Y, Wu J, Zhang C  Inhibitory Effect of Crocin Against Gastric Carcinoma via Regulating TPM4 Gene.  Onco Targets Ther  2021;14:111-122. doi:10.2147/OTT.S254167
  15. Luo Y, Xia F, Yu X, Li P, Huang W, Zhang W  Long-term trends and regional variations of hypertension incidence in China: a prospective cohort study from the China Health and Nutrition Survey, 1991-2015.  BMJ Open  2021 Jan 13;11(1):e042053. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2020-042053
  16. Luo Y, Hu XM, Li J, Li HY, Yi XM, Peng QF  Renal involvement without infiltration of eosinophil in Kimura's disease.  Ren Fail  2021 Dec;43(1):156-158. doi:10.1080/0886022X.2020.1865170
  17. Luo Y, Duan Z, Wu Y  Risk Assessment for Oral Bioaccessibility of Lead and Cadmium in the Potato Growing in Smelter-Impacted Soil.  Bull Environ Contam Toxicol  2021 Jan 13;. doi:10.1007/s00128-020-03099-y
  18. Xu Z, Li H, Lin C, Zeng B, Chen Y, Luo Y  Knockdown of RABL3 suppresses the proliferation and invasion of oral squamous cell carcinoma through inactivating the FAK/AKT pathway.  J Bioenerg Biomembr  2021 Jan 12;. doi:10.1007/s10863-021-09871-x
  19. Wu J, Wang L, Zhang Y, Zhang S, Ahmad S, Luo Y  Synthesis and Photoactivated Toxicity of 2-Thiophenylfuranocoumarin Induce Midgut Damage and Apoptosis in Aedes aegypti Larvae.  J Agric Food Chem  2021 Jan 12;. doi:10.1021/acs.jafc.0c07237
  20. Luo Y, Xue Y, Mao L, Lin Q, Tang G, Song H, Wang F, Sun Z  Diagnostic Value of T-SPOT.TB Assay for Tuberculous Peritonitis: A Meta-Analysis.  Front Med (Lausanne)  2020;7:585180. doi:10.3389/fmed.2020.585180
  21. Luo Y, Lee H  Present and Future of Phase-Selectively Disordered Blue TiO2 for Energy and Society Sustainability.  Nanomicro Lett  2021 Jan;13:45. doi:10.1007/s40820-020-00569-0
  22. Luo Y  On challenges in clinical assessment of hip fracture risk using image-based biomechanical modelling: a critical review.  J Bone Miner Metab  2021 Jan 09;. doi:10.1007/s00774-020-01198-8
  23. Cai L, Firdousi SF, Li C, Luo Y  Inward foreign direct investment, outward foreign direct investment, and carbon dioxide emission intensity-threshold regression analysis based on interprovincial panel data.  Environ Sci Pollut Res Int  2021 Jan 07;. doi:10.1007/s11356-020-11909-3
  24. Wang Y, Zhong L, Xu Y, Ding L, Ji Y, Schutz S, Férec C, Cooper DN, Xu C, Chen JM, Luo Y  EXT1 and EXT2 Variants in 22 Chinese Families With Multiple Osteochondromas: Seven New Variants and Potentiation of Preimplantation Genetic Testing and Prenatal Diagnosis.  Front Genet  2020;11:607838. doi:10.3389/fgene.2020.607838
  25. Fan S, Zhao Z, Yu H, Wang L, Zheng C, Huang X, Yang Z, Xing M, Lu Q, Luo Y  Applying probability calibration to ensemble methods to predict 2-year mortality in patients with DLBCL.  BMC Med Inform Decis Mak  2021 Jan 07;21(1):14. doi:10.1186/s12911-020-01354-0
  26. Luo Y, Wang H, Liang J, Qian H, Ye J, Chen L, Yang X, Chen Z, Wang F, Octavia S, Payne M, Song X, Jiang J, Jin D, Lan R  Population Structure and Multidrug Resistance of Non-O1/Non-O139 Vibrio cholerae in Freshwater Rivers in Zhejiang, China.  Microb Ecol  2021 Jan 07;. doi:10.1007/s00248-020-01645-z
  27. Xiong G, Luo Y  Smog, media attention, and corporate social responsibility-empirical evidence from Chinese polluting listed companies.  Environ Sci Pollut Res Int  2021 Jan 06;. doi:10.1007/s11356-020-11978-4
  28. Luo Y, Cui C, Han X, Wang Q, Zhang C  The role of miRNAs in polycystic ovary syndrome with insulin resistance.  J Assist Reprod Genet  2021 Jan 06;. doi:10.1007/s10815-020-02019-7
  29. Luo Y, Hong Y, Shen L, Wu F, Lin X  Multifunctional Role of Polyvinylpyrrolidone in Pharmaceutical Formulations.  AAPS PharmSciTech  2021 Jan 06;22(1):34. doi:10.1208/s12249-020-01909-4
  30. Wang X, Yang C, Sun Y, Sui X, Zhu T, Wang Q, Wang S, Yang J, Yang W, Liu F, Zhang M, Wang Y, Luo Y  A novel screening strategy of anti-SARS-CoV-2 drugs via blocking interaction between Spike RBD and ACE2.  Environ Int  2020 Dec 23;147:106361. pii:S0160-4120(20)32315-1
  31. Yan L, Luo Y  Prediction of nodule regrowth after radiofrequency ablation of benign thyroid nodules.  Int J Hyperthermia  2021;38(1):11-12. doi:10.1080/02656736.2020.1867243
  32. Luo Y, Chen J, Yan XL, Jin H, Sun X, Guo ZN, Yang Y  Association of Non-Traditional Lipid Parameters with Hemorrhagic Transformation and Clinical Outcome After Thrombolysis in Ischemic Stroke Patients.  Curr Neurovasc Res  2021 Jan 01;. doi:10.2174/1567202617999210101223129
  33. Wang L, Li Y, Duan Y, Lian J, Luo Y, Wang X, Luo Y  Effects of Nitrogen Addition and Reproductive Effort on Nutrient Resorption of a Sand-Fixing Shrub.  Front Plant Sci  2020;11:588865. doi:10.3389/fpls.2020.588865
  34. Ye J, Yao L, Shen J, Janarthanam R, Luo Y  Predicting mortality in critically ill patients with diabetes using machine learning and clinical notes.  BMC Med Inform Decis Mak  2020 Dec 30;20(Suppl 11):295. doi:10.1186/s12911-020-01318-4
  35. Chia YH, Yeh JA, Huang YY, Luo Y  Simultaneous multi-color optical sectioning fluorescence microscopy with wavelength-coded volume holographic gratings.  Opt Express  2020 Dec 07;28(25):37177-37187. doi:10.1364/OE.409179
  36. Zhao F, Zhong L, Luo Y  Endothelial glycocalyx as an important factor in composition of blood-brain barrier.  CNS Neurosci Ther  2020 Dec 30;. doi:10.1111/cns.13560
  37. Luo Y, Granzhan A, Verga D, Mergny JL  FRET-MC: A fluorescence melting competition assay for studying G4 structures in vitro.  Biopolymers  2020 Dec 24;:ebip23415. doi:10.1002/bip.23415
  38. Ge LP, Tang L, Li L, Luo Y  The complete chloroplast genome of an endangered orchid Paphiopedilum spicerianum.  Mitochondrial DNA B Resour  2020 Oct 21;5(3):3612-3613. doi:10.1080/23802359.2020.1830727
  39. Luo Y, Liu X, Yu Y, Yang Q, Guo B, Xu C, Suo F, Zhang C, Shen G, Chen A  The complete chloroplast genome of Epimedium qingchengshanense G. Y. Zhong et B. L. Guo (Berberidaceae), an endangered species endemic to China.  Mitochondrial DNA B Resour  2020 Jan 24;5(1):796-797. doi:10.1080/23802359.2020.1715295
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  43. Funada S, Yoshioka T, Luo Y  Re: Marcus J. Drake, Amanda L. Lewis, Grace J. Young, et al. Diagnostic Assessment of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Men Considering Prostate Surgery: A Noninferiority Randomised Controlled Trial of Urodynamics in 26 Hospitals. Eur Urol 2020;78:701-10.  Eur Urol  2020 Dec 20;. pii:S0302-2838(20)30962-3
  44. Luo Y, Schofield JA, Na Z, Hann T, Simon MD, Slavoff SA  Discovery of cellular substrates of human RNA-decapping enzyme DCP2 using a stapled bicyclic peptide inhibitor.  Cell Chem Biol  2020 Dec 18;. pii:S2451-9456(20)30478-5
  45. Huang F, Feng G, Yin J, Zhou S, Shen L, Wang S, Luo Y  Direct Laser Writing of Transparent Polyimide Film for Supercapacitor.  Nanomaterials (Basel)  2020 Dec 18;10(12). pii:E2547
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  47. Luo Y, Luo Y, Huang X, Liu S, Cao Z, Guo L, Li Q, Cai YP, Wang Y  A New Ester-Substituted Quinoxaline-Based Narrow Bandgap Polymer Donor for Organic Solar Cells.  Macromol Rapid Commun  2020 Dec 22;:e2000683. doi:10.1002/marc.202000683
  48. Luo Y, Salman M, Lu Z  Heterogeneous impacts of environmental regulations and foreign direct investment on green innovation across different regions in China.  Sci Total Environ  2021 Mar 10;759:143744. pii:S0048-9697(20)37275-2
  49. Zeng Z, Hong XY, Li Y, Chen W, Ye G, Li Y, Luo Y  Serum-soluble ST2 as a novel biomarker reflecting inflammatory status and illness severity in patients with COVID-19.  Biomark Med  2020 12;14(17):1619-1629. doi:10.2217/bmm-2020-0410
  50. Luo Y, Lin H  Inflammation initiates a vicious cycle between obesity and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.  Immun Inflamm Dis  2020 Dec 17;. doi:10.1002/iid3.391

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