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Browse the list below to see the latest scientific publications stemming from our center faculty’s work. To view publications of specific CHIP faculty, please visit About Us and select a profile link.

  1. Ahmad FS, Hu TL, Adler ED, Petito LC, Wehbe RM, Wilcox JE, Mutharasan RK, Nardone B, Tadel M, Greenberg B  et al.  Performance of risk models to predict mortality risk for patients with heart failure: evaluation in an integrated health system.  Clin Res Cardiol  2024 Apr 02;. doi:10.1007/s00392-024-02433-2
  2. Tran SD, Lin J, Galvez C, Rasmussen LV, Pacheco J, Perottino GM, Rahbari KJ, Miller CD, John JD, Theros J  et al.  Rapid identification of inflammatory arthritis and associated adverse events following immune checkpoint therapy: a machine learning approach.  Front Immunol  2024;15:1331959. pii:1331959
  3. Li Y, Wu X, Fang D, Luo Y  Informing immunotherapy with multi-omics driven machine learning.  NPJ Digit Med  2024 Mar 14;7(1):67. pii:67
  4. Adekkanattu P, Furmanchuk A, Wu Y, Pathak A, Patra BG, Bost S, Morrow D, Wang GH, Yang Y, Forrest NJ  et al.  Detection of Personal and Family History of Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors using Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing: A Multi-Site Study.  Res Sq  2024 Mar 11;.
  5. Atreya MR, Bennett TD, Geva A, Faustino EVS, Rogerson CM, Lutfi R, Cvijanovich NZ, Bigham MT, Nowak J, Schwarz AJ  et al.  Biomarker Assessment of a High-Risk, Data-Driven Pediatric Sepsis Phenotype Characterized by Persistent Hypoxemia, Encephalopathy, and Shock.  Pediatr Crit Care Med  2024 Mar 11;. doi:10.1097/PCC.0000000000003499
  6. Deng Y, Pacheco JA, Ghosh A, Chung A, Mao C, Smith JC, Zhao J, Wei WQ, Barnado A, Dorn C  et al.  Natural language processing to identify lupus nephritis phenotype in electronic health records.  BMC Med Inform Decis Mak  2024 Mar 03;22(Suppl 2):348. pii:348
  7. Agrawal V, Manouchehri A, Vaitinadin NS, Shi M, Bagheri M, Gupta DK, Kullo IJ, Luo Y, McNally EM, Puckelwartz MJ  et al.  Identification of Clinical Drivers of Left Atrial Enlargement Through Genomics of Left Atrial Size.  Circ Heart Fail  2024 Jan;17(1):e010557. doi:10.1161/CIRCHEARTFAILURE.123.010557
  8. Eickelberg G, Sanchez-Pinto LN, Kline AS, Luo Y  Transportability of bacterial infection prediction models for critically ill patients.  J Am Med Inform Assoc  2023 Dec 22;31(1):98-108. doi:10.1093/jamia/ocad174
  9. Gupta Y, Friedman DJ, McNulty MT, Khan A, Lane B, Wang C, Ke J, Jin G, Wooden B, Knob AL  et al.  Strong protective effect of the APOL1 p.N264K variant against G2-associated focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and kidney disease.  Nat Commun  2023 Nov 30;14(1):7836. pii:7836
  10. Ferar K, Hall TO, Crawford DC, Rowley R, Satterfield BA, Li R, Gragert L, Karlson EW, de Andrade M, Kullo IJ  et al.  Author Correction: Genetic variation in the human leukocyte antigen region confers susceptibility to Clostridioides difficile infection.  Sci Rep  2023 Nov 15;13(1):19972. pii:19972
  11. Wösten-van Asperen RM, la Roi-Teeuw HM, van Amstel RB, Bos LD, Tissing WJ, Jordan I, Dohna-Schwake C, Bottari G, Pappachan J, Crazzolara R  et al.  Distinct clinical phenotypes in paediatric cancer patients with sepsis are associated with different outcomes-an international multicentre retrospective study.  EClinicalMedicine  2023 Nov;65:102252. pii:102252
  12. Ross SM, Wang A, Anthony L, Persell SD, Yu J, Kho AN  Is more better? The impact of implementing more interventions for hypertension control in a practice facilitation study for small- and medium-sized practices.  J Hum Hypertens  2023 Nov;37(11):1007-1014. doi:10.1038/s41371-023-00813-1
  13. Shah KP, Khan SS, Baldridge AS, Grady KL, Cella D, Goyal P, Allen LA, Smith JD, Lagu TC, Ahmad FS  Health Status in Heart Failure and Cancer: Analysis of the Medicare Health Outcomes Survey 2016-2020.  JACC Heart Fail  2023 Oct 30;. pii:S2213-1779(23)00678-9
  14. Ferar K, Hall TO, Crawford DC, Rowley R, Satterfield BA, Li R, Gragert L, Karlson EW, de Andrade M, Kullo IJ  et al.  Genetic variation in the human leukocyte antigen region confers susceptibility to Clostridioides difficile infection.  Sci Rep  2023 Oct 28;13(1):18532. pii:18532
  15. Hosseini M, Gao CA, Liebovitz DM, Carvalho AM, Ahmad FS, Luo Y, MacDonald N, Holmes KL, Kho A  An exploratory survey about using ChatGPT in education, healthcare, and research.  PLoS One  2023;18(10):e0292216. pii:e0292216
  16. Forrest N, Jackson KL, Tran S, Pacheco JA, Mitrovic V, Furmanchuk A, Kho AN, Ramsey-Goldman R, Walunas TL  Identification and assessment of classification criteria attributes for systemic lupus erythematosus in a regional medical record data network.  Lupus Sci Med  2023 Oct;10(2). pii:e000963
  17. Krefman AE, Ciolino JD, Kan AK, Maki B, McHugh M, Smith JD, Bannon J, Carroll AJ, Bustamante P, Frye C  et al.  Rationale and design for Healthy Hearts for Michigan (HH4M): A pragmatic single-arm hybrid effectiveness-implementation study.  Contemp Clin Trials Commun  2023 Oct;35:101199. pii:101199
  18. Sanchez-Pinto LN, Bennett TD, Stroup EK, Luo Y, Atreya M, Bubeck Wardenburg J, Chong G, Geva A, Faustino EVS, Farris RW  et al.  Derivation, Validation, and Clinical Relevance of a Pediatric Sepsis Phenotype With Persistent Hypoxemia, Encephalopathy, and Shock.  Pediatr Crit Care Med  2023 Oct 01;24(10):795-806. doi:10.1097/PCC.0000000000003292
  19. McHugh M, Heinrich J, Philbin S, Bishop D, Smith JD, Knapke JM, Day A, Walunas TL  Declining Participation in Primary Care Quality Improvement Research: A Qualitative Study.  Ann Fam Med  2023;21(5):388-394. doi:10.1370/afm.3007
  20. Atreya MR, Bennett TD, Geva A, Faustino EVS, Rogerson CM, Lutfi R, Cvijanovich NZ, Bigham MT, Nowak J, Schwarz AJ  et al.  External validation and biomarker assessment of a high-risk, data-driven pediatric sepsis phenotype characterized by persistent hypoxemia, encephalopathy, and shock.  Res Sq  2023 Aug 02;.
  21. Mao C, Xu J, Rasmussen L, Li Y, Adekkanattu P, Pacheco J, Bonakdarpour B, Vassar R, Shen L, Jiang G  et al.  AD-BERT: Using pre-trained language model to predict the progression from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's disease.  J Biomed Inform  2023 Aug;144:104442. doi:10.1016/j.jbi.2023.104442
  22. Wang H, Ding YJ, Luo Y  Future of ChatGPT in Pharmacovigilance.  Drug Saf  2023 Aug;46(8):711-713. doi:10.1007/s40264-023-01315-2
  23. Naidech AM, Wang H, Hutch M, Murphy J, Paparello J, Bath P, Srivastava A, Luo Y  Blood pressure medication and acute kidney injury after intracerebral haemorrhage: an analysis of the ATACH-II trial.  BMJ Neurol Open  2023;5(2):e000458. pii:e000458
  24. Cousins HC, Kline AS, Wang C, Qu Y, Zengel J, Carette J, Wang M, Altman RB, Luo Y, Cong L  Integrative analysis of functional genomic screening and clinical data identifies a protective role for spironolactone in severe COVID-19.  Cell Rep Methods  2023 Jul 24;3(7):100503. pii:100503
  25. Canning C, Guo J, Narang A, Thomas JD, Ahmad FS  The Emerging Role of Artificial Intelligence in Valvular Heart Disease.  Heart Fail Clin  2023 Jul;19(3):391-405. doi:10.1016/j.hfc.2023.03.001
  26. Hoffmann AD, Weinberg SE, Swaminathan S, Chaudhuri S, Almubarak HF, Schipma MJ, Mao C, Wang X, El-Shennawy L, Dashzeveg NK  et al.  Unique molecular signatures sustained in circulating monocytes and regulatory T cells in convalescent COVID-19 patients.  Clin Immunol  2023 Jul;252:109634. doi:10.1016/j.clim.2023.109634
  27. Bilaver LA, Wang H, Naidech AM, Luo Y, Das R, Sehgal S, Gupta R  Natural language processing of pediatric progress notes for the identification of food allergy.  J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract  2023 Jul;11(7):2242-2244.e2. doi:10.1016/j.jaip.2023.04.014
  28. Lutgendorf SK, Zia S, Luo Y, O'Donnell M, van Bokhoven A, Bradley CS, Gallup R, Pierce J, Taple BJ, Naliboff BD  et al.  Early and recent exposure to adversity, TLR-4 stimulated inflammation, and diurnal cortisol in women with interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome: A MAPP research network study.  Brain Behav Immun  2023 Jul;111:116-123. doi:10.1016/j.bbi.2023.03.024
  29. Gao CA, Markov NS, Stoeger T, Pawlowski A, Kang M, Nannapaneni P, Grant RA, Pickens C, Walter JM, Kruser JM  et al.  Machine learning links unresolving secondary pneumonia to mortality in patients with severe pneumonia, including COVID-19.  J Clin Invest  2023 Jun 15;133(12). pii:e170682
  30. Li Y, Luo Y  Spatial Transcriptomic Cell-type Deconvolution Using Graph Neural Networks.  bioRxiv  2023 Jun 09;. pii:2023.03.10.532112
  31. Schepart A, Burton A, Durkin L, Fuller A, Charap E, Bhambri R, Ahmad FS  Artificial intelligence-enabled tools in cardiovascular medicine: A survey of current use, perceptions, and challenges.  Cardiovasc Digit Health J  2023 Jun;4(3):101-110. doi:10.1016/j.cvdhj.2023.04.003
  32. Joo YY, Pacheco JA, Thompson WK, Rasmussen-Torvik LJ, Rasmussen LV, Lin FTJ, Andrade M, Borthwick KM, Bottinger E, Cagan A  et al.  Multi-ancestry genome- and phenome-wide association studies of diverticular disease in electronic health records with natural language processing enriched phenotyping algorithm.  PLoS One  2023;18(5):e0283553. pii:e0283553
  33. Patterson V, Ullah F, Bryant L, Griffin JN, Sidhu A, Saliganan S, Blaile M, Saenz MS, Smith R, Ellingwood S  et al.  Abrogation of MAP4K4 protein function causes congenital anomalies in humans and zebrafish.  Sci Adv  2023 Apr 28;9(17):eade0631. pii:eade0631
  34. Gao CA, Howard FM, Markov NS, Dyer EC, Ramesh S, Luo Y, Pearson AT  Comparing scientific abstracts generated by ChatGPT to real abstracts with detectors and blinded human reviewers.  NPJ Digit Med  2023 Apr 26;6(1):75. pii:75
  35. Wang H, Li Y, Hutch MR, Kline AS, Otero S, Mithal LB, Miller ES, Naidech A, Luo Y  Patterns of diverse and changing sentiments towards COVID-19 vaccines: a sentiment analysis study integrating 11 million tweets and surveillance data across over 180 countries.  J Am Med Inform Assoc  2023 Apr 19;30(5):923-931. doi:10.1093/jamia/ocad029
  36. Hosseini M, Gao CA, Liebovitz D, Carvalho A, Ahmad FS, Luo Y, MacDonald N, Holmes K, Kho A  An exploratory survey about using ChatGPT in education, healthcare, and research.  medRxiv  2023 Apr 03;. pii:2023.03.31.23287979
  37. Liu Y, Luo Y, Naidech AM  Big Data in Stroke: How to Use Big Data to Make the Next Management Decision.  Neurotherapeutics  2023 Apr;20(3):744-757. doi:10.1007/s13311-023-01358-4
  38. Xiao B, Velez Edwards DR, Lucas A, Drivas T, Gray K, Keating B, Weng C, Jarvik GP, Hakonarson H, Kottyan L  et al.  Inference of Causal Relationships Between Genetic Risk Factors for Cardiometabolic Phenotypes and Female-Specific Health Conditions.  J Am Heart Assoc  2023 Mar 07;12(5):e026561. pii:e026561
  39. Furmanchuk A, Rydland KJ, Hsia RY, Mackersie R, Shi M, Hauser MW, Kho A, Bilimoria KY, Stey AM  Geographic Disparities in Re-triage Destinations Among Seriously Injured Californians.  Ann Surg Open  2023 Mar;4(1). pii:e270
  40. Bunney G, Tran S, Han S, Gu C, Wang H, Luo Y, Dresden S  Using Machine Learning to Predict Hospital Disposition With Geriatric Emergency Department Innovation Intervention.  Ann Emerg Med  2023 Mar;81(3):353-363. doi:10.1016/j.annemergmed.2022.07.026
  41. Kim M, Kwasny MJ, Bailey SC, Benavente JY, Zheng P, Bonham M, Luu HQ, Cecil P, Agyare P, O'Conor R  et al.  MidCog study: a prospective, observational cohort study investigating health literacy, self-management skills and cognitive function in middle-aged adults.  BMJ Open  2023 Feb 23;13(2):e071899. pii:e071899
  42. Brandt PS, Kho A, Luo Y, Pacheco JA, Walunas TL, Hakonarson H, Hripcsak G, Liu C, Shang N, Weng C  et al.  Characterizing variability of electronic health record-driven phenotype definitions.  J Am Med Inform Assoc  2023 Feb 16;30(3):427-437. doi:10.1093/jamia/ocac235
  43. Gay HC, Yu J, Persell SD, Linder JA, Srivastava A, Isakova T, Huffman MD, Khan SS, Mutharasan RK, Petito LC  et al.  Comparison of Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter-2 Inhibitor and Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonist Prescribing in Patients With Diabetes Mellitus With and Without Cardiovascular Disease.  Am J Cardiol  2023 Feb 15;189:121-130. doi:10.1016/j.amjcard.2022.10.041
  44. Ahmad FS, Ahmad T, Allen LA  When the Whole Is the Sum of Its Parts: Validation of the Heart Failure Collaboratory Medication Composite Score in Denmark.  Circ Heart Fail  2023 Feb;16(2):e010309. doi:10.1161/CIRCHEARTFAILURE.122.010309
  45. Li Y, Wehbe RM, Ahmad FS, Wang H, Luo Y  A comparative study of pretrained language models for long clinical text.  J Am Med Inform Assoc  2023 Jan 18;30(2):340-347. doi:10.1093/jamia/ocac225
  46. Ahmad FS, Persell SD  Nudging to Improve Cardiovascular Care-Clinicians, Patients, or Both.  JAMA Cardiol  2023 Jan 01;8(1):31-32. doi:10.1001/jamacardio.2022.4382
  47. Ramgopal S, Sanchez-Pinto LN, Horvat CM, Carroll MS, Luo Y, Florin TA  Artificial intelligence-based clinical decision support in pediatrics.  Pediatr Res  2023 Jan;93(2):334-341. doi:10.1038/s41390-022-02226-1
  48. Zeng X, Wang F, Luo Y, Kang SG, Tang J, Lightstone FC, Fang EF, Cornell W, Nussinov R, Cheng F  Deep generative molecular design reshapes drug discovery.  Cell Rep Med  2022 Dec 20;3(12):100794. pii:100794
  49. Deng Y, Ghamsari F, Lu A, Yu J, Zhao L, Kho AN  Use of real-world evidence data to evaluate the comparative effectiveness of second-line type 2 diabetes medications on chronic kidney disease.  J Clin Transl Endocrinol  2022 Dec;30:100309. pii:100309
  50. Gutiérrez-Sacristán A, Serret-Larmande A, Hutch MR, Sáez C, Aronow BJ, Bhatnagar S, Bonzel CL, Cai T, Devkota B, Hanauer DA  et al.  Hospitalizations Associated With Mental Health Conditions Among Adolescents in the US and France During the COVID-19 Pandemic.  JAMA Netw Open  2022 Dec 01;5(12):e2246548. pii:e2246548

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