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CHIP Director & Associate Director Join IPHAM Seminar on Bias in the Reuse of Electronic Health Data

Last week, CHIP Director Abel Kho and CHIP Associate Director Theresa Walunas joined a panel in the Institute for Public Health and Medicine (IPHAM)'s Public Health & Medicine Webinar Series, "Bias in the Reuse of Electronic Health Data."

Speaker Nicole G. Weiskopf, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology at Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) presented on bias in clinical quality measurement. Speaker Caroline A. Thompson, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor of Epidemiology at San Diego State University School of Public Health, presented on population-based registry linkages to understand and improve the validity of cancer research using electronic health records.

The panel discussion, which included Abel Kho, MD, MS, Theresa Walunas, PhD, Norrina Allen, PhD, MPH, FAHA, and Laura J Rasmussen-Torvik, PhD, further explored the potential causes of data bias in EHR data, approaches for their detection and amelioration, and articulated unmet needs.

View the recording of the event below:

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