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How We Work

The Center for Health Information Partnerships (CHIP) fosters a welcoming and inclusive work environment. Our innovative spirit, empathetic collaboration, and willingness to get things done permeate our work lives. CHIP’s four values reflect the principles the team strives to uphold in our actions and collaborations. 

All In to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion
Culture of Service to get things done
Innovation drives solutions for change
For All we act with empathy and collaboration

CHIP created our DEI Committee to improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Regular meetings and events are well attended by CHIP leadership and the rest of the team, demonstrating our collective desire to support and elevate each other. We also participate in university-wide DEI initiatives in order to broaden our impact.

Our team also enjoys events hosted by our very own Happiness Committee that plans fun ways for the CHIP Team to get together and socialize.  Events such as regular tea time gatherings and our annual CHIPiversary festivities allow space for celebrating, while team efforts such as our office herb garden provide other ways for people to connect with our workplace community. CHIP also offers access to our Wellness Room, a space available for personal use.

Situated within IPHAMFeinberg, and Northwestern University, CHIP has access to the benefits, opportunities, and resources made available by the university.

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