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Northwestern Medicine Healthcare AI Forum


Welcome to the Northwestern Medicine Healthcare AI Forum, where we dive into cutting-edge developments in the field of AI for healthcare. We present the latest published research and technology innovation, and facilitate open discussion among attendees.


Open to Northwestern Medicine professionals and the broader research and patient community within Northwestern University and the Greater Chicago area, our mission is to establish a thriving healthcare AI ecosystem that fosters collaboration and supports a network of dedicated scholars and professionals. We are here to promote research, innovation, and leadership while facilitating the seamless translation of AI advancements into the realm of biomedicine.

To ensure our forum delivers the most pertinent insights into AI's application across various aspects of healthcare, we have assembled a distinguished advisory board. This board comprises esteemed faculty from the fields of medicine, engineering, art and science, as well as senior leaders of the healthcare system. The advisory board is chaired by Prof. Yuan Luo, Chief AI Officer at I.AIM and Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (NUCATS).

Join us in shaping the future of healthcare through the power of artificial intelligence, as we foster a vibrant community of scholars, patients, professionals and leaders dedicated to driving innovation in this critical field.

Bi-weekly meetings take place on the Chicago campus on Fridays, 10-11am CT. This event is hybrid. In person attendees will also enjoy light refreshments and networking opportunities.


View recordings and slides of past Forum events

Student Organizing Committee


Pictured (left to right):
Jenny Ding, PhD Student, HSIP Health & Biomedical Informatics
Tanu Priya, PhD Student, Driskill Graduate Program
Mario Alberto Garcia, PhD Student, Driskill Graduate Program
Peter Graffy, PhD Candidate in Biomedical Informatics
Rishma Jivan, Second Year Medical Student at Rush University
Dillan Prasad, Medical Student
Tim Schwirtlich, PhD student, Health Science (Health & Biomedical Informatics) program
Ziyang Zhang, PhD Student, Driskill Graduate Program
Mehri Mehrnia, Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. Student

Advisory Board

AI Forum Faculty Advisors

Pictured (left to right, top row to second row):
Yuan Luo, Advisory Board Chair, Chief AI Officer at I.AIM and NUCATS
David Liebovitz, Co-Director of I.AIM's Center for Medical Education in Data Science and Digital Health
Kristi Holmes, Director of Galter Health Sciences Library
Kris Hammond, Director of the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence Program
Michael Markl, Vice Chair for Research, Department of Radiology
Melissa Simon, Director of IPHAM's Center for Health Equity Transformation
Catherine Gao, 
Pulmonologist and Critical Care Medicine Specialist
Guillermo Ameer, Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Shana Kelley, President of the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Chicago
David Morton, Walter P. Murphy Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences
Jim Thomas, Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)
Doug King, NM Chief Information Officer
Abel Kho, Director of I.AIM