Research Resources

Choose your path: Start at any point below to explore the resources available to our scientists.

Take a Self-Assessment

If you don't know where to start, take an honest inventory of your skills and goals.


Consult a Mentor

How to choose a mentor and foster a strong professional relationship.


Learn the Fundamentals

Classes and seminars that will get you up-to-speed on research best practices.


Find Funding

How to lock in a grant or award to kickstart your research project.


Pose a Hypothesis

Steps to take to narrow your focus and determine a study's feasibility.


Conduct a Study

Where to look to find the data, location and subjects you need.


Publish Your Findings

Improve your writing and submit your research for publication.


Plan a Career in Research

Take the next steps to turn your research into the building blocks for a career. We have resources to help you seek out an independent grant, explore the commercial potential for your research and more.