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IRB List of Studies

Name Investigator
Eye Donor Program (Former NUIRBS #0765-005/Bryar) Paul Bryar
AMD Chart Review Manjot Gill
WideField Imaging Database Lee Jampol
Selective laser trabeculoplasty in patients with posterior uveitis Debra Goldstein
DRCR Genetics Alice Lyon
AIR Diseases Protocol Debra Goldstein
Corneal Endothelium in Sarcoidosis-Related Anterior Uveitis Jeanine Baqai
MERIT Anjum Koreishi
Ganciclovir for Herpes Zoster Keratitis Robert Feder
Glaucoma Eye Drop Education Angelo Tanna
Prof. Jampol's rare cases: A chart review over 35 years Lee Jampol
Swept Source OCT + Fovea Status Surendra Basti
Angio-OCT Amani Fawzi
Glc eye drop education f/u Angelo Tanna
Contrast-Generated Illusory Motion As a Potential Diagnostic Tool Rukhsana Mirza
DRCR Protocol T Alice Lyon
Structural changes seen on OCT angiography (OCTA) in glaucoma patients with optic disc hemorrhages Anupama Anchala
VEP Angelo Tanna
ASSISTS Angelo Tanna
CODA Lee Jampol
OCT Database  Amani Fawzi
OCT-VF Glaucoma Angelo Tanna
OCTA Blood Flow in NTG Patients with DH Angelo Tanna
Vis-OCT Amani Fawzi
Snap-Shot Imaging Amani Fawzi
Capsulorhexis centration during femto surgery Surendra Basti
AI for AMD Amani Fawzi
Cataract Surgery Measurement Comparison Surendra Basti
NIR in RVO Rukhsana Mirza
Anatomical complications following anterior chamber tube placement in patients with  Debra Goldstein
Tarsorraphy Gary Lissner
DRCR AB Alice Lyon
OCT in intraocular lymphoma Lee Jampol
AS-OCT Corneal Infiltrates Robert Feder
Repeat DSEK Robert Feder
Investigating association of intravitreous anti-VEGF therapy and renal function Manjot Gill
Dark Adaptation Angelo Tanna
AOSLO Amani Fawzi
DRCR Protocol V - Treatment for DME for Very Good Visual Acuity Alice Lyon
DRCR W  Alice Lyon
METforMIN Amani Fawzi
Zepto Surendra Basti
Sarcoidosis Screening Debra Goldstein
Examiners' detection and quantification of RAPDs Nicholas Volpe
Quark-QRK207 Nicholas Volpe
GBMC/NIH (ARIS) Alice Lyon
Gilead GS-US-432-4097 (GS Filgotinib) Anjum Koreishi
DRCR AD (PROMINENT Study) Alice Lyon
Lowry (MacTel NHOR) Amani Fawzi
Neurotech NTMT-03-B Amani Fawzi
NEI NORDIC04 (SIGHT)  Nicholas Volpe
Apellis APL2-304 Alice Lyon
LaRoche GR40398 (RHINE) Manjot Gill
Boehringer-Ingelheim 1386.12 (ROBIN) Amani Fawzi
NORDIC/REGENERA Feasibility Survey Nicholas Volpe

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