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Department of Neurological Surgery
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Neurosciences Health, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Mission Statement

To foster a culture of diversity and inclusion in the Neurosciences at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. We value departments and programs where all individuals can embrace their identities, find belongingness, and strive to promote health equity, social justice, and advocacy. 

Vision Statement

Neurology and Neurosurgery at Northwestern (The Departments) will:

  • Welcome people of all races, beliefs, identities, and backgrounds without prejudice
  • Foster a culture that encourages the open expression and discussion of ideas
  • Enable career advancement for all
  • Provide an environment that actively seeks out and encourages individuals of all backgrounds and identities to pursue careers in these fields
  • Care for individuals of all backgrounds, identities, and socioeconomic statuses with equal enthusiasm and rigor
  • Conduct research that actively seeks to include a diverse range of participants

Getting Started

Neurological Surgery Group

We created a list of resources below to support our vision and mission. When we find more valuable resources we will update these lists. Please reach out to our committee members with questions.



Joshua M Rosenow, MD

Joshua M Rosenow, MD

Stephen A VanHaerents, MD

Stephen A VanHaerents, MD



 Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee


Dawn Rose (Neurosurgery) & Jonathan Brent (Neurology)

Committee Members

Danny Bega, Meg Kay-Stacey, Telicia L. Moore, Aaron Palmer, Carianne Breitenbach, Leonard Sokol, Atique Ahmed, James Chandler, Rodrigo Braga, Charon Gladfelter

 Education Subcommittee


Atique Ahmed (Neurosurgery) & Jennifer Adrissi (Neurology)

Committee Members

Danny Bega, Meg Kay –Stacey, Alex Gough, Carianne Breitenbach, Kay-Marie Lamar, Leonard Sokol, Evelyn Jones, Aaron Palmer

 Clinical Care/Health Equity Subcommittee


Antoine Curtis (Neurosurgery) & Anny Sandoval (Neurology) & Yvonne Curran (Neurology)

Committee Members

Kate Carroll, Rimas Lukas, Karan Dixit, Tomi Ashaye, Jakita Baldwin, Danielle Larson, Roxanna Garcia, Dan Tong Jia, Lotte Wimmel

 Community Engagement Subcommittee


Kevin Jackson (Neurosurgery) & Aaron Palmer (Neurosurgery)

Committee Members

Dawn Rose, Gemma Carvill, Rodrigo Braga, Kay-Marie Lamar, Karan Dixit, Antoine Curtis, Telicia L. Moore, Karan Dixit, Anny Sandoval, P. Hande Ozdinler, Evelyn Jones, Jennifer Adrissi, Jakita Baldwin, Jennifer Viamille, Charon Gladfelter

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