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Thesis Advisers

MSTP students select thesis advisers and committee members from over 400 graduate faculty in 36 different academic departments across Northwestern University's Chicago and Evanston campuses. Many MSTP students select two faculty members to co-advise their thesis project in order to take full advantage of the institution's interdisciplinary and translational research opportunities. The wide range of faculty mentors available to MSTP students allows them to build research projects and mentoring teams tailored to their unique training goals. Below is a list of our current MSTP faculty mentors that demonstrates the diverse range of fields and disciplines our students choose for their PhD research. 

Once students select a thesis adviser or co-advisers, they then choose the graduate program in which they would like to complete their PhD training. Learn more about the PhD programs available to Northwestern MSTP students.


Gianneschi, Nathan

Nathan Gianneschi, PhD

  • Professor of Chemistry
  • nathan.gianneschi( at )
Keten, Sinan

Sinan Keten, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • s-keten( at )
Leonard, Joshua

Joshua Leonard, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • j-leonard( at )
Mondragon, Alfonso

Alfonso Mondragon, PhD

  • Professor of Molecular Biosciences
  • a-mondragon( at )
Petford-Long, Amanda

Amanda Petford-Long, PhD

  • Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
  • petford.long( at )