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MSTP Student Life

17 Students matriculated

12 Different states

521 MCAT median

3.95 GPA median

Meet Current MD-PhD Students

The Northwestern MD-PhD Student Experience

One-on-One Mentorship at Every Phase

The MSTP ensures students have regular opportunities to build relationships with leading physician-scientists at Northwestern. Additionally, MSTP faculty mentors support students at every major step in the program and provide essential guidance during the research phase of training.

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Access to Cutting-Edge Facilities & Research Funding

Our students have access to some of the country's most advanced technology through Northwestern University's billion-dollar research enterprise. The MSTP also connects students with funding opportunities and grant application support for their own research.

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Emphasis on Diversity & Inclusion

Northwestern University and Feinberg School of Medicine strive to make campus a welcoming environment where all students can embrace their identities. Students can find support and ways to contribute to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts through the Feinberg Office of Diversity & Inclusion and the Northwestern Office of Institutional Diversity.

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Wellness Prioritized

We encourage our students to prioritize their wellness and to speak out if they have concerns about their training. MSTP students work closely with our office, where they can bring any concerns and help implement student-driven changes to programming. We also offer a multitude of resources to help students manage stress, maintain a healthy lifestyle and find balance.

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