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Tuition & Financial Aid

Find tuition and financial aid information via Evanston Graduate Financial Aid website. Learn more about some of our funding opportunities below.

Work Study Program

Each student has the opportunity to work for four hours per week for a genetic counseling faculty member for a total of 40 hours per quarter. In exchange for this, the students will have $3,000 each quarter remitted from their tuition.

Funding for Research

Students are given up to $1,000 for their research projects so they do not need to fund their own work.

Funding for Local and National Meetings

Students are given up to $1,000 to attend the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) Annual Education Conference during their second year of training. In addition, if NSGC or another professional genetics society plans a regional meeting in the Chicago area, the program will potentially fund attendance at that meeting as well.


There are many websites (such as the Michigan State University Libraries site) that list a variety of scholarships for which you may be eligible. The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation offers additional scholarship opportunities that can be applied to any graduate program. If you wish to investigate this option, please speak with your undergraduate institution to see if you can be nominated for the award.

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