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Apply online here; you will be required to submit a $95 application fee. Select applicants may be eligible for an application fee waiver. Please visit our Fee Waiver webpage for more information.

To apply to the Graduate Program in Genetic Counseling, please use department code G10MS. To apply to the dual-degree program in Genetic Counseling and Medical Humanities and Bioethics, please use department code G12MS.

The following items are required to apply:

  • Three Letters of Recommendation: These must be submitted online through the application. They should come from people who know you well and can speak to your personal and academic qualifications for graduate school. At least one should come from an academic such as a professor or lab supervisor. Letters from employers and volunteer experience supervisors are also acceptable. It is not advisable to submit letters from personal or family friends.
  • Transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate schools you have attended: Upload these online. They can be either official or unofficial transcripts. It is not necessary to mail official transcripts unless an offer of admission is made and accepted, at which point they must be sent to both the Graduate Program in Genetic Counseling and The Graduate School of Northwestern University. Note: If you are an international applicant from a non-U.S. university that does not offer classes in English and/or does not use the 4.0 grading system, we ask that you upload an evaluation through World Education Services or a similar service.
  • Supplemental Form: Use the Supplemental Form to list prerequisite courses that are completed/in progress as well as any volunteering or shadowing experience. Please upload the form to your online application under "Supplemental Document 1."
  • Up-to-date CV or Resume

All Northwestern University applicants to The Graduate School are required to complete the following:

Write an Academic Statement that answers the following questions (1,000 words max):  

  • What are your academic interests, and why do you wish to pursue graduate studies in this specific program?
  • How has your academic and professional background prepared you for graduate study? (Please include any research, training, or educational experiences that align with the program you are applying to.)
  • How will our program help you achieve your intellectual and professional goals?

Write a Personal Statement that addresses the following prompt (500 words max):

  • The Graduate School values diverse backgrounds, approaches, and perspectives, understanding them as essential ingredients for true academic excellence. As a Northwestern graduate student, how could you contribute to an intellectual community that prioritizes equity, inclusion, belonging, and cultural humility? Your answer may draw upon past or present experiences, whether in academic work, extracurricular or community activities, or everyday life.

Applicants also have the option to respond to the following prompt (250 words max):

  • If there is something that you would like to highlight that you have yet to discuss in other areas of the application, please do so here. You can also use this space to address any concerns you may have in your application. If, for example, you do not believe that your academic credentials demonstrate your true capabilities, please explain why. Also, describe any gaps in your academic career and work experience or any extenuating circumstances in your profile of which the admissions committee should be made aware.

All students are required to sign up for the National Matching Services before applying.


More information can be found at the Genetic Counseling Admissions Match website.

Dual-Degree Programs

Additional documents are required for applications to our Dual-Degree Program; visit the program page for more information. You may also visit the prospective students page on The Graduate School's website for more general information.

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