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For additional information about the Graduate Program in Genetic Counseling, please contact us:

Graduate Program in Genetic Counseling
645 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 630
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-503-7113
Fax: 312-503-7166

Please visit the National Society of Genetic Counselors website to learn more about the profession. To learn more about accreditation and credentialing, please visit the American Board of Genetic Counseling website. If you are interested in observing genetic counseling sessions with a counselor in the Chicago area, please visit the Find a Genetic Counselor directory and feel free to contact a genetic counselor at a hospital near you.

Debra Duquette

Debra Duquette, '92 MS, CGC


debra.duquette( at )

Cathy Wicklund

Cathy Wicklund, MS, CGC


c-wicklund( at )

Sharon  Aufox

Sharon Aufox, MS, CGC

Assistant Director

s-aufox( at )

Christie Hoell

Christie Hoell, MS, CGC

Assistant Professor, Senior Graduate Educator

christin.hoell( at )

Jennifer  Young

Jennifer Young, PhD, MS, MA

Assistant Professor, Psychosocial Research and Education

Jennifer.young1( at )

Sarah  Walterman

Sarah Walterman, MS, CGC

Instructor, Senior Graduate Educator

sarah.walterman( at )

Ismam Islam

Ismam Islam, '19 MS, CGC

Student Development Coordinator

ismam.islam( at )

Elli Wade

Elli Wade

Program Coordinator

elli.wade( at )

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