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Q&A with Yuyang Yang

Yuyang Yang

What are you learning that has made a difference for you?
I find that our PhD program gives students lots of exposure to the mechanics behind health data generation and inter-organization data sharing. Gaining a good understanding of why data exists in the form that it does has been extremely helpful for troubleshooting issues, identifying opportunities to use data, and in interpretation of results. 

What are you interested in learning?
I'm interested in learning how to make engaging video games for educational purposes. It always struck me how much information I retain from the games I played when I was younger and I think this idea can be used to get people to be more interested things like their health.

What is your plan for after graduation?
After graduating I want to go back and finish up medical school and do residency. I'm not sure what I want to specialize in yet, maybe radiology or internal medicine!

What inspires you and why?  
Watching people follow their passions inspires me. I think it's really cool seeing someone dedicate energy into something, especially when it's an interest that is off the beaten path.

Where are you from?
Chapel Hill, NC. Go Tar Heels!

What is your favorite memory?
Getting towed while visiting Iceland was pretty memorable. The weather conditions on the road were so bad that multiple tourists got stuck on the same stretch of road and even the tow truck that came to help us got stuck. We ended up exiting the mountain road as a caravan of two tow trucks and four cars after spending an entire day stuck on the road. Although it was definitely not fun in the moment it is a very funny experience looking .