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Research Grant Program

Request for Proposals – 2022 Funding Year

Investigator-Initiated Multi-year Pilot Grants Program (2022-2024) 

Deadline: The submission deadline is August 15, 2021 1:00 p.m.

Purpose: The mission of the Les Turner ALS Center at Northwestern Medicine is to strive for a future without ALS by accelerating leading-edge research while providing life-enhancing treatment to people living with ALS.

Objectives: The Les Turner ALS Center at Northwestern Medicine provides funding to support basic science investigations into the fundamental abnormalities in ALS. It is anticipated that mechanistic insights into ALS will lead to new therapeutic opportunities.

The goal of the research grant program to launch scientific advancements to provide hope for a future without ALS, turning ideas into discoveries, and ultimately, treatments. in the best projects that will attain these goals.

Duration and Award Amount:

Up to $80,000 per year. Grant proposals may be for one, two or three years. 

Details for application submissions will be shared soon. Applications will be submitted via FSM Competitions. 
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Scientific Advisory Committee
A small group of reviewers will serve on the Scientific Advisory Committee to provide guidance to the LTALSC Center Director and Advisory Council to ensure fairness, transparency and equity in the awarding of grants.

Alice Chen-Plotkin

Magdalini Polymenidou

Justin Ichida

Jiou Wang

Todd Lamitina

External Grant Proposal Reviewers
Grant proposals submitted to the Les Turner ALS Center for funding are reviewed by an external group of international investigators with extensive basic science expertise in ALS/MND, as listed below. Each proposal will be reviewed by two reviewers from this group.   Reviews are conducted anonymously.  If grant proposals fall outside of the expertise of these reviewers, special solicitations for reviews will be undertaken. 

Reviewer University
Bob Brown University of Massachusetts
Steve Strittmatter Yale University
Jiou Wang Johns Hopkins University
Luc Dupuis University of Strassbourg
Justin Ichida University of Southern California
Justin Fallon Brown University
Jean-Pierre Julien Laval University
Kurt Fischbach NIH
Umrao Monani Columbia University
Nicholas Merakagis Johns Hopkins
Tali Gidalevitz Drexel University
Phil Wong Johns Hopkins University
Eddie Lee University of Pennsylvania
Al La Spada University of California, Irvine
Ben Murdock University of Michigan
John Landers University of Massachusetts