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SQLIFTS Discovery Program

The tools and conceptual frameworks we are generating will accelerate the pace of therapeutic development for lung disease."

Navdeep Chandel, PhD
Director, SQLIFTS Discovery Program
David W. Cugell, MD, Professor
Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary & Critical Care) and Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics

Our Mission

The Simpson Querrey Lung Institute for Translational Science (SQLIFTS) Discovery Program will work with investigators to develop causal models to test innovative hypotheses that will benefit lung health.

Investigators in the program have generated murine, organoid and cellular models of lung disease that are amenable to causal gain- and loss-of-function genetic interventions. The program is committed to work to enhance these models using scalable genetic screens in vitro and in vivo to identify novel pathways that are causally implicated in the development of lung disease.

In partnership with Northwestern University's Innovation and New Ventures Office (INVO) and industry, the SQLIFTS Discovery Program members seek to validate their findings in ever-improving murine and organoid models of disease. Furthermore, the program will facilitate collaborations with industry partners and INVO to bring validated targets for therapy to the clinic.

Meet Our Director

The program is led by Navdeep Chandel, PhD. Chandel’s laboratory has made pioneering discoveries that recognize the role of metabolites and metabolic pathways in regulating signaling pathways critical for homeostasis and disease pathobiology. He has transformed the understanding of mitochondria, showing their critical role as signaling organelles critical for development, homeostasis and disease, including cancer. Chandel’s lab uses causal genetic interventions targeting key pathways in metabolism or metabolites to dissect their role in relevant cellular and animal models of disease.

Chandel is consistently ranked among the most highly cited scientists at Northwestern University. In addition to his role in SQLIFTS, he directs the Metabolomics Core in the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University.

Request Support for Lung Study Proposals or Investigator Recruitment

The SQLIFTS Discovery Program assists in the recruitment of investigators who have an interest in lung disease and are seeking careers at Northwestern Medicine. In addition, the program provides support for proposals of high-risk research projects or reagents that can leapfrog discovery, opening new areas for research. Interested investigators should email our director, Navdeep Chandel, PhD, or contact the institute.

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