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Learn more about key research findings at Simpson Querrey Lung Institute for Translational Science (SQLIFTS) through our selected publications. SQLIFTS boasts two researchers, Navdeep Chandel, PhD, and Richard Wunderink, MD, who regularly rank among the Clarivate list of most highly cited researchers.

Understanding COVID-19

SQLIFTS investigators developed a model, published in Nature, to explain the unique pathobiology of COVID-19 and identified secondary bacterial pneumonia as an important contributor to outcomes in patients with COVID-19 in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

Lung Cancer

Investigators in SQLIFTS have made key contributions to our understanding of how cellular metabolism can be targeted as a treatment for lung cancer, according to a study published by Nature.

Understanding Healthcare-Related Disparities

An SQLIFTS study published in Annals of Internal Medicine uncovered a systematic bias in the tests used to target patients for lung cancer screening which have led to important changes in policy.

Lung Transplantation for Patients With COVID-19

Foundational discoveries led by SQLIFTS investigators and published in Science Translational Magazine during the pandemic supported our decision to perform the first lung transplant for a patient dying from COVID-19. We have since performed more than 40 such procedures, reporting our findings nationally, including in JAMA.

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