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Learn more about past successful collaborations of the members of Northwestern University Data Analysis and Coordinating Center (NUDACC). To work with NUDACC, contact our team at

 Glycemic Profile of Pregnancy Consortium

This multicenter observational study is designed to characterize the glycemic profile of pregnancy to understand potential early indicators of dysglycemia during pregnancy and long-term sequelae. Continuous glucose monitoring technology will be central for data collection. NUDACC is the Biostatistics Research Center for this new, NIDDK-supported consortium, serving as a central leadership hub for all project coordination and data related components of the study.

 HAPO Follow-Up Study

The observational Hyperglycemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome (HAPO) Follow-Up Study was designed to investigate associations of maternal glycemia during pregnancy with maternal glucose metabolism and child adiposity 11-14 years after delivery. HAPO Follow-Up involved oral glucose tolerance tests and physical exams in over 4800 mother-offspring pairs at 10 international study sites. Primary findings were reported in JAMA (2018), followed by multiple other publications pertaining to secondary outcomes:

 Healthy Hearts in the Heartland (H3) Trial

H3 is a practice-randomized, comparative effectiveness trial in 226 primary care practices in the Midwest that was designed to understand the ability of small primary care practices to improve ‘ABCS’ (Aspirin therapy, Blood pressure control, Cholesterol management, Smoking cessation) quality measures. The study design was published in Contemporary Clinical Trials (2018).

 High Intensity Walking (HIW) Trial

This ongoing NIH/NIA-funded clinical trial is designed to investigate HIW in frail, older adults and involves 10 study sites.

 Mothers and Babies Study

This cluster-randomized trial involved 38 home visit sites and was designed to evaluate efficacy of paraprofessional home visits versus usual care for addressing postpartum depression for low-income women. The study design and methods were published in JMIR Research Protocols (2018) and Trials (2019).


The ongoing Pediatric REPlacement of the PulmonaRy ValvE in Tetralogy of Fallot (PREPARE-TOF) Study is a randomized pilot clinical trial investigating surgical pulmonary valve replacement versus control in an anticipated 100 pediatric patients with tetralogy of fallot at four study sites.


The ongoing QUARTET USA trial is a randomized clinical trial designed to investigate treatment of hypertension in the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Access Community Health Network in Chicago, Illinois.

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