Northwestern’s interdisciplinary biomedical PhD training program.

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Who We Are

The Walter S. and Lucienne Driskill Graduate Program in Life Sciences is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary PhD program that trains students in biomedical sciences while giving them the flexibility to pursue a variety of research interests and dual degrees.

Research and Mentors

Faculty work with students to conduct research across disciplines, including biochemistry, biology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, neurobiology, pharmacology and computational biology.

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Pre-illness data reveals differences in multiple metabolites and metabolic pathways in those who do and do not recover from infectious mononucleosis.

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Fine mapping and candidate gene analysis of a dravet syndrome modifier locus on mouse chromosome 11.

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Latent Membrane Proteins from EBV Differentially Target Cellular Pathways to Accelerate MYC-induced Lymphomagenesis.

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Author Correction: Reduced expression of mitochondrial complex I subunit Ndufs2 does not impact healthspan in mice.

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Ketamine activates adult-born immature granule neurons to rapidly alleviate depression-like behaviors in mice.

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Tbx2 is a master regulator of inner versus outer hair cell differentiation.

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Mitochondrial electron transport chain is necessary for NLRP3 inflammasome activation.

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A MYC inhibitor selectively alters the MYC and MAX cistromes and modulates the epigenomic landscape to regulate target gene expression.

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HOXB13 suppresses de novo lipogenesis through HDAC3-mediated epigenetic reprogramming in prostate cancer.

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Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)-2 Variation Contributes to Neurovirulence During Neonatal Infection.

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