With the help of our donor partners, we hope to increase knowledge about the spectrum of brain and spinal diseases and develop new strategies to treat them. Your commitment could help us advance a promising research study, recruit a talented physician-scientist, develop a new educational program for our trainees, or purchase a key piece of equipment or technology.

For your convenience, a number of giving options are available, including outright gifts of cash, tribute gifts, corporate-matched gifts, planned gifts or pledges payable over a three- to five-year period. You can donate online through Northwestern University or the Northwestern Memorial Foundation, or send a check made out to either of these 501c3 organizations using the addresses listed below. Please note, either on the check or in an accompanying letter, that we are the intended recipient of your gift.

Northwestern University


Ashley Coussens
Associate Director, Major Gifts
Northwestern University
420 E. Superior St.
Arthur J. Rubloff Building, 9th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611


Northwestern Memorial Foundation

James Higley

Jim Higley
Program Director, Philanthropy
Northwestern Memorial Foundation
541 N. Fairbanks Court
Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60611


Patient and Family Assistance Fund

One way to support the the Malnati Brain Tumor Institute is to give to the Patient and Family Assistance Fund. This fund, created by generous friends and family members, provides supportive services for patients who have brain tumors.

Give to the Patient and Family Assistance Fund

Donor Profiles

Bb Green  Bill Lieber

Bob Green & Bill Lieber

Provides financial assistance and access to resources for brain tumor patients and their families.

Mary Dempsey  Kevin Hizeman

Mary Dempsey & Kevin Hitzeman

Founding members of the Advisory Council for the Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute.

Lara Kfid  David Ricci

Laura Kofoid & David Ricci

Supports the research efforts of the Malnati Brain Tumor Institute.

Kahie Rmines

Kathie Romines

Generously supports brain tumor research at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University.

Darren  Allisn Laimer

Darren & Allison Latimer

Created the Latimer Fellowship Fund, supporting broad-based clinical neuro-oncology experiences and rigorous research training for physicians pursuing additional expertise.

Anne  Bill Jhnsn

Anne & Bill Johnston

Supports the research efforts of the Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute.