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We're committed to providing the most advanced treatments available for patients with brain and spine tumors, and to developing clinical research that will lead to tomorrow’s standard of care.

For best results, use specific search terms (e.g., "glioblastoma" instead of "brain tumor"). We do our best to keep these listings up-to-date, but we may sometimes have trials available that are not yet listed. To inquire about other clinical trials or to learn more about the clinical trials listed here, please contact or call 312-695-1102. You can also view a list of open Lurie Cancer Center clinical trials for all types of cancer.

Malignant gliomas have a very poor prognosis with median survival measured in months rather than years. It is a disease in great need of novel therapeutic approaches. Based on the encouraging results of our preclinical studies which demonstrate improved efficacy without added toxicity, the paradigm of delivering a novel oncolytic adenovirus via a neural stem cell line in combination with radiation and chemotherapy is well-suited for evaluation in newly diganosed malignant gliomas. The standard-of-care allows application of virotherapy as neoadjuvant therapy and assessment of the cooperative effects with radiation/chemotherapy without altering the standard treatment.
Inclusion Criteria:
•Patients must have presumed malignant glioma based on clinical and radiologic evaluation (pathologic confirmation of malignant glioma must be made at the time of stereotactic biopsy or resection prior to NSC-CRAd-S-pk7 injection; if this is not possible, the injection will not be performed and the subject will no longer be eligible for the study).
•Tumor must be accessible for injection and must not be located in the brainstem, or contained within the ventricular system.
•Planning to undergo standard radiation/chemotherapy
•18 years of age or older.
•Performance status must be KPS ≥ 70
•SGOT (AST) < 3x upper limit of normal
•Serum creatinine < 2mg/dl
•Platelets > 100,000/mm3 and WBC > 3000/mm3

Exclusion Criteria:
•Prior or ongoing liver disease including known cirrhosis, hepatitis B or C infection but not to exclude patients with a distant history of resolved hepatitis A infection.
•Immunosuppressive drugs (with exception of corticosteroid).
•Known HIV+ patients.
•Acute infections (viral, bacterial or fungal infections requiring therapy).
•Pregnant or breast-feeding patients.
•Evidence of metastatic disease or other malignancy (except squamous or basal cell skin cancers).
•Prior radiation therapy to the brain or prior treatment for brain tumor Other serious co-morbid illness or compromised organ function
Lesniak, MaciejLesniak, Maciej
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NCT03072134 STU00203933
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