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Digital Signage

The medical school has digital signage throughout its Chicago campus to provide faculty, staff and students with timely and informative content, such as news and weather. Paper flyers are not allowed to be posted in any foyers or public spaces of Feinberg buildings.

Add Your Event to the Digital Monitors

When you add your event to the medical school calendar by filling out the form, it'll also be added to these digital monitor feeds. Up to three calendar entries may be selected weekly to appear as full-screen slides.

Entries must meet these requirements:

  • The “Title” field must include the specific title of the talk.
  • Titles should not be in all-caps.
  • Titles should not be submitted with “TBA” or “TBD,” nor with any other incomplete information.
  • Requests must be submitted two weeks prior to the event date to allow for production and approval.