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Guidelines for Consistent Branding

Below you'll find information on the rationale behind developing a consistent brand strategy across all your communications.

Benefits for Feinberg Units

Why standardize and work with the Office of Communications to implement brand strategy?

  • Reduces workload and time commitment for staff tasked with maintaining a Feinberg unit brand presence.
  • Reduces cost through coordinated activities. In a marketplace of highly fragmented media, the cost of reaching fragmented audiences is much higher and difficult to justify.
  • Confirms your credibility as part of a larger, unified brand. We are stronger when we speak as one.
  • Initiates greater loyalty from students, staff and alumni; greater fundraising opportunities.
  • Creates collective ability to shape and manage successfully one core brand over time.
  • Supports effectiveness of media relations through more unified identity and targeted messaging.
  • Allows campus units to directly benefit from strategic and marketing experience at the school level. It is not realistic to expect that each unit would have the expertise and ability to effectively manage separate brands.

Benefits for Our Target Audience and Stakeholders

What is the value of a unified brand strategy?

  • Communicates a comprehensive picture of our values, integrity and reputation.
  • Builds emotional connection and pride associated with one core brand. Overall, the Feinberg brand is played out in every interaction people have with the medical school, from the classroom and the research labs to publications, websites, administrative offices, in the news media, on the phone, anywhere.
  • Provides consistent representation of our brand promise (our unique mission, products and services), and helps audiences understand the breadth and depth of our organization.
  • Delivers messages faster, creates a consistent image and strengthens brand recognition by creating a seamless, compelling experience across all of our communication channels.

More Information

Review the Feinberg brand guidelines via Northwestern SharePoint (NetID required) for more information. To request assistance from the Office of Communications, complete this form.

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